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Presentation: Action Treatment  Philosophy

For this assignment you earn outspoken your action treatment philosophy by creating a endowment on your beliefs and practices for addressing complete rank and particular action treatment in your present or preferred rankroom environment. The endowment should be adapted for an conference of a recently assigned co-teacher or paraprofessional who earn be collaborating delay you in your rankroom (present rankroom or preferred). The endowment should involve:

1. Rank Description (present or preferred)

a. Grade level

b. Number of tyros

c. Exceptionalities represented, including a discourse demonstrating conception of how exceptionalities may interact delay fruit and acquirements.

d. Other heterogeneousness represented, including a discourse demonstrating conception of how phraseology, refinement, and source enhancement swing the acquirements of particulars delayin the rankroom.

2. Philosophy of Action Management:

a. Clearly outspoken your philosophy on complete-rank and particular action treatment and debate the scrutiny and scheme acquainting your beliefs.

i. How you earn form a certain, comprehensive, and culturally answering environment that fosters settled gregarious interactions and particular good-fortune? 

ii. What are your beliefs environing the interconnection between motivation, action, and academics?

iii. How earn you explain/define the concept of “fairness” in your rankroom?

iv. How earn you set up your rankroom and how does your philosophy acquaint the tangible layout of the rankroom? 

3. Core Components 

a. Classroom rules

b. Classroom procedures

c. Classification of rewards and consequences (tiered)

d. Record guardianship rankification

4.  Collaboration

a. Explain how you earn unite and collaborate delay other educators (e.g., co-teachers, paraprofessionals, other teachers (e.g., art, hush, etc.) and connected benefit provides to fix density and implementation faithfulness over settings.

5. Communication

a. Explain the rankification for ongoing despatch between initiate and abode environing particular tyro action. 

b. Involve an pattern of your primal message abode to parents little explaining:

i. Your action treatment philosophy

ii. How complete rank and particular action earn be addressed in the rankroom

iii. How acquaintation environing tyro action earn be united throughout the year

6. Laws

a. Summarize the laws and policies that application decisions environing tyros delay disabilities including IDEA, FAPE, MDR, and LRE. 

The endowment must flourish present APA formatting standards and involve a poverty of 20 slides and at meanest 5 references/in-text citations 

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.