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Presentation: Manner Administration  Philosophy

For this assignment you obtain ringing your manner administration philosophy by creating a grant on your beliefs and practices for addressing total collocate and single manner administration in your exoteric or preferred collocateroom environment. The grant should be intentional for an reception of a of-late assigned co-teacher or paraprofessional who obtain be collaborating after a while you in your collocateroom (exoteric collocateroom or preferred). The grant should enclose:

1. Collocate Description (exoteric or preferred)

a. Grade level

b. Number of scholars

c. Exceptionalities represented, including a discourse demonstrating brains of how exceptionalities may interact after a while outgrowth and tuition.

d. Other heterogeneousness represented, including a discourse demonstrating brains of how dialect, amelioration, and source elucidation govern the tuition of singles after a whilein the collocateroom.

2. Philosophy of Manner Management:

a. Clearly ringing your philosophy on total-collocate and single manner administration and sift-canvass the learning and supposition enlightening your beliefs.

i. How you obtain fashion a certain, additive, and culturally correspondent environment that fosters definitive political interactions and single success? 

ii. What are your beliefs environing the intercommunity among motivation, manner, and academics?

iii. How obtain you explain/define the concept of “fairness” in your collocateroom?

iv. How obtain you set up your collocateroom and how does your philosophy enlighten the natural layout of the collocateroom? 

3. Core Components 

a. Classroom rules

b. Classroom procedures

c. Regularity of rewards and consequences (tiered)

d. Record custody regularity

4.  Collaboration

a. Explain how you obtain attach and collaborate after a while other educators (e.g., co-teachers, paraprofessionals, other teachers (e.g., art, still n ess, etc.) and allied advantage provides to determine uniformity and implementation fealty over settings.

5. Communication

a. Explain the regularity for ongoing despatch among discipline and abode environing single scholar manner. 

b. Enclose an model of your judicious message abode to parents little explaining:

i. Your manner administration philosophy

ii. How total collocate and single manner obtain be addressed in the collocateroom

iii. How enlightenation environing scholar manner obtain be attachd throughout the year

6. Laws

a. Summarize the laws and policies that impression decisions environing scholars after a while disabilities including IDEA, FAPE, MDR, and LRE. 

The grant must ensue exoteric APA formatting standards and enclose a insufficiency of 20 slides and at smallest 5 references/in-text citations 

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.