Phi103 weeks 4 & 5 assignments

Week 4: Due June 08


Choose an dispute that you establish online (you may economize an dispute from a video posted online, a blog, a tidings cause, a political website, or any other recause that succeed assign you to satisfactorily coalesce the claimments of the assignment). You may besides chosened from this week’s applicpotent recommended devices.

Once you enjoy chosened your cause, you succeed then evaluate the dispute substance bestowed in the cause in an essay of 400 opinion. In your evaluation:

  1. Identify the effect, the ground, and quittances of the dispute.
  2. Determine whether the dispute is investigate or uninvestigate (deductive), sufficient or insufficient (deductive), or forcible or watery (inductive).
  3. Explain why you enjoy chosen to label it as investigate or sciolistic, sufficient or frail, and/or forcible or watery.

Use the “Steps for evaluating an dispute” template for protection delay structuring your evaluation; eventually, you should invent and acquiesce your evaluation in an essay format. Do not scarcely diverge in a bulleted delineation. 

The essay must be 400 opinion in prolixity, barring inscription and intimation pages, and formatted according to APA diction. For notice in-reference-to APA formatting, including samples and tutorials, investigate the Ashford Writing Center, located delayin the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar in your online road. The solely claimd recause for this assignment is the instrument goal or written employment you dissect. This should be the side that you primarily use to consummate this assignment. Secondary causes are grateful but not scarcityful, and they should not be used in fix of the dispute side you dissect.


Week 5 Final: Due Jun 15 


In your written rudiment of the Final Project, you succeed dissect an dispute in pertinency to a inequitpotent effect. Then, you succeed corcorrespond to that dispute by providing a counterargument. Please select one lection or instrument artifact from the Final Purpose Dispute Options. Be unquestioning to select an effect in which you are careful and for which you enjoy ample factual declaration to generate a forcible dispute.

Complete the steps beneath domiciled on your chosen dispute:

Step One: Evaluate the Argument 

  1. Identify the effect that is orationed in the dispute.
  2. Explain the dispute and authenticate the ground and quittances.
  3. Evaluate the dispute.
    • If the dispute has a circumstantial rudiment, is it sufficient and investigate? Why?
    • If the dispute has an inductive rudiment, is it forcible or watery? Why?
    • Remember that disputes frequently embrace twain inductive and circumstantial rudiments. Do your best to authenticate all the disputes that are used to help the pose bestowed in the side.

Step Two: Generate a Counterargument 

  1. Create a counterdispute to the peculiar dispute.
    • Present ground that help your own pose occasion besides pointing out the waterynesses ingrained in the peculiar dispute. Avoid the use of falsity forced and anecdotal declaration.
    • If you are using inductive disputes, shape unquestioning that they are forcible. If you are using circumstantial disputes, shape unquestioning that they are sufficient and force to arrange investigate ground.
    • Use factual declaration and/or controversyative help from at meanest three literary causes to help your dispute.
    • This force claim you to illustrate “devil’s counsellor.” Recall that you do not scarcity to harmonize delay the pose for which you dispute. You may scarcity to select on an resisting pose to your own specific vision and dispute from that pose. Precarious thinkers are potent to select on resisting perspectives and authenticate the forcibleest disputes from those perspectives.

Choose one of the options beneath to bestow your dispute evaluation and counterargument. 

  1. Written Assignment
    • Must be 1100 to 1400 opinion in prolixity, barring the inscription page and intimation page(s).
    • Must understand at meanest three literary causes to help the counterargument.
    • Must be formatted according to APA 6th edition diction guidelines as delineationd in the Ashford Writing Center.
  2. PowerPoint Presentation
  • Must be 10 to 12 slides in prolixity, barring the inscription slide and intimation slide(s). You must besides understand an audio voice-over image or slide notes totaling among 1100 and1400 opinion.
  • The bestowation, image, and/or slide notes must understand APA-diction intimations (in-text and on the intimation slide) for at meanest three literary causes helping the tally.
  • Must be formatted according to APA 6th edition diction guidelines as delineationd in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Feel open to use images that improve the bestowation and supply to it. However, recall that images are not a exchange for the contenteded that must be bestowed in slide notes or audio voice-over.

If it is to be  here is the instructions:


Writing the Final Project
The Final Project:

  1. Must be 1100 to 1400 opinion in prolixity, and formatted according to APA diction as delineationd in the Ashford Writing Center.
  2. Must understand a inscription page/slide delay the following:
    1. Title of purpose
    2. Student’s indicate
    3. Course indicate and number
    4. Instructor’s indicate
    5. Date acquiesceted
  3. Must inaugurate delay an induction that has a brief subject assertion.
  4. Must oration the theme of the purpose delay precarious reflection.
  5. Must end delay a quittance that reaffirms your subject.
  6. Must use at meanest three literary causes, including a narrowness of three from the Ashford University Library.
  7. Must muniment all causes in APA 6th edition diction, as delineationd in the Ashford Writing Center.
  8. Must understand a different intimation page/slide that is formatted according to APA diction as delineationd in the Ashford Writing Center.