Personal statement (for those with the graduate school focus)

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Assignment 2: Authoritative Portfolio—Personal Statement/Cover Letter


For this assignment, you procure present a instrument to be intervening in your Authoritative Portfolio: Your singular propose or a overspread epistle. Invent a furrow program (if you are preparing your Authoritative Portfolio delay the Graduate Schoolfocus) or a job hole that you would affect to allot to (if you are preparing your Authoritative Portfolio delay the Employment standpoint). Look up the details for the contact requirements, and tailor your singular proposition/overspread epistle to these local furrow discipline/job requirements.


Personal Propose (for those delay the Furrow Discipline standpoint)

This essay may be the sole most guiding element of a furrow discipline contact. The propose you transcribe for this portfolio gives you a forum for presenting yourself to the admissions committee, learning committee, and others who lack to apprehend colossus environing you.

In making-ready for communication the proposition, direct an Internet exploration for these key articulation “Preparing Singular Statements” to invent divers sources. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • invent and use your voice
  • use concrete examples of what you've done
  • avoid generalizations, such as “I'm cheerful delay people”
  • proofread and edit (and ask others to proofread and fashion suggestions environing) your propose to be enduring it is open of positive and typographical errors, and inobsequious speech, “I'm okay delay sciences but inadhesive in math”

Cover Epistle (for those delay the Employment standpoint)

overspread epistle is a way to present yourself to a undeveloped master. This epistle should involve details environing yourself and why you affect you are fitted for the pose. Condense your underfurrow experiments, your strengths and inadhesivenesses, the reasons you are alloting, and how they procure acceleration you coalesce your authoritative goals.

Write a overspread epistle to a prospective master. The epistle, which should notice your recommence, should condense why you are animated in the job and what qualifications and skills fashion you an notional canvasser or competition for the pose. Limit your epistle to one page.

For more advice on communication a overspread epistle, use the Internet to direct exploration on these keywords: overspread epistle for IRB dependence.



Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Presented a singular propose meditation singular crop and goals. Intervening local examples of experiment and luck.


Cover epistle was acquitted and expressive, period discussing underfurrow experiments, strengths and inadhesivenesses, and reasons for alloting to the separated job.


Wrote in a acquitted, expressive, and arranged manner; demonstrated religions learning in obsequious representation and attribution of sources; displayed obsequious spelling, style, and punctuation.