Performance assessment strategies | ECE 671 Management and Administration of Early Childhood Programs | Ashford University


Appropriate impost strategies possess the virtual to stay posterity’s special erudition needs, and they can succor teachers see deposition of the goods of their education, span besides providing a mete of program accountability. Additionally, it is besides main to verify that impost practices possess the virtual to do damage. Just as there are concerns environing impertinent curriculum willing and education strategies, there are concerns environing impost. NAEYC has created guidelines that specifically address the forthcoming cadethood professional’s holy responsibilities to posterity environing impost. Here are the principles and ideals that rendezvous on impost in NAEYC’s Code of Holy Conduct and Statement of Commitment (Links to an visible seat.).

To initiate this assignment,

  • Read the weekly assigned lection and carefully resurvey methods of axioms gathering including anecdotal memorials, ordinary memorials, circumstance sampling, span sampling, checklists, and rating scales. Next, excellent your three most preferred methods of veritable impost.

  • Review the aftercited muniment which highlights the ideals and principles specifically referring to the binding impost of young posterity build amid the NAEYC Code of Holy Conduct and Statement of Commitment.

Next, in your judicious post,

  • Discuss why you, as a program administrator, would raise these approaches to impost in an forthcoming cadethood program you were administering.

  • Provide at smallest one illustration of the privative consequences for posterity when programs use impertinent cadet impost machines or strategies (such as using an impost machine defectively or interpreting impost axioms).
  • Use the continuity extract and/or one without spring to stay your reply.