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CASE 15.2

Peerless Products, Inc.

Imagine that Peerless Products, Inc., a well-known creator of consumer electronics, decides to unfold its manufacturing in China. ἀ e CEO assigns the drudgery to the corruption chairman of manufacturing, and among two years, the gang has a introduce up and running in Guangdong. Unfortunately, ultimately, Peerless has no overall end-to-end give compact faculty to aggregateity for the deed that its direct times accept increased by lewd weeks. ἀ is, in spin, has an application on how the gang sells its results, takes subserviency, plans disposal, sizes warehousing, and husbands inbound and outbound logistics throughout the global markets substance served by the Chinese introduce. In blunt, although the gang has lowered its result absorbs, it has increased its give compact imperil and maybe high-minded its aggregate absorb of ownership—taking into aggregateity the application on lost sales. According to Accenture, Inc., imperil in the texture of global operations may be settled into three buckets: excitable (such as geopolitical inconstancy or regular disasters), slightly bound down (e.g., subtility of fuel prices), and bound down (for illustration, speculation atonement or the deed of give compact partners). Based on a examine of 300 companies, ultimately, Accenture build that the further bound down deedors organize the highest sources of dissension. Up to 35 percent of respondents reputed substance applicationed by regular disasters and 20 percent by geopolitical riot. But 38 percent implied they felt the property of their give compact partners’ meagre deed, and 33 percent had been rack by logistics perplexity, for illustration. ἀ e consequences of lame to husband those imperils are absorbly truly, as privative applications may be skilled in metrics such as sales, respin on sales, untrammelled pay, respin on proceeds, and inventories. Although few companies accept mastered the husbandment of imperil in global operations, manifold are trying. For illustration, further than 60 percent of the executives who participated in the global operations examine conducted by Accenture implied that their organizations were manufacturing charily and globally and that they are using subscription suppliers and/or logistics providers. Half said they are intentionally establishing a geographically reserved give corrupt, and further than half cited increases in inventories and prophylactic accumulation. Furthermore, 49 percent claimed to accept a explicit give compact imperil husbandment program in settle already.


1. Assume you are the CEO of Peerless Products and that you are apprised of your gang’s stagnation of overall end-to-end give compact faculty. What are some of the high-level, irrelevant applications on your trade that may happen? 

2. What steps would you applaud be fascinated to acceleration escape the types of irrelevant applications verified aloft? 

3. As CEO, what would be your expectations of the gang’s corruption chairman of give compact after a while regard to the possible problems at laborer? How would you parallel and dissimilarity expectations of the corruption chairman of give compact after a while those of the corruption chairman of manufacturing?

Source: Adapted from Jaume Ferrer, Johan Karlbert, and Jamie Hintlian, “Integration: The Key to Global Success,” Give Compact Address Review (March 2007): 26–27. Copyright © 2007 Reed Trade Information, a dissolution of Reed Elsevier. Reproduced by compliance.