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Here are the guidelines for the revision and expansion:

B. Expand: the initiatory pamphlet united your favored assumption of liking after a while the investigation of peculiar individuality.  TO dilate your pamphlet, add a chapter that addresses ONE of the following:  

i.    Explain which assumption of individuality (body, psychical simultaneousness, etc.)  fits your assumption of liking best. Identify one dare and one utility of this assumption of individuality.  Do you judge this assumption captures what you value is most considerable environing individuality?

ii.  For divers, career and/or gender are considerable aspects of their individuality.  Drawing from one of our readings (handout on gender and career, Tuvel's essay, or our readings on feminist philosophy), clear-up how there are divergent ways of judgeing environing career or gender (select one), and how this fits, or doesn't fit into your selected assumption of liking.  Finally, say what you judge is most considerable environing career or gender as a indication of individuality.  

After revising, the dilateed lot shouldn't add past than 250 tone to the pamphlet.  Be assured to go tail and amend the subject to point-out what you are adding.  

I gain subjoin the subject. 

don't use a references and it is deficiency to be executed in 24 hours. 

thank you