Outline ( only daughter ) novel

Question: In the legend, "Only Daughter," Cisneros unctuous felt that her senior was not self-satisfied of her life a lass and her pursuing a fitness history.  However, how would you question that Cisneros' senior was substantially self-satisfied of his daughter?

Let's action outlining--READ CAREFULLY:

  • In this assignment, your job is to amplify a pigmy draft that you can use to supervene along as you are fitness.
  • First, in your own suffrage and name, transcribe a total doom claiming that Cisneros' senior was self-satisfied of her.  You can add some reasons (sustaining averments' ideas) among it too.  That's your question doom.
  • Then, aver two to three reasons why.  These are your sustaining averments.  Add transitions as polite.
  • Also, authenticate some advantageous phrases and dooms among the legend that can influence each of your reasons.  Just sign the cites out totally--kind of relish throng declaration.
  • At the end, rephrase your question doom.  That's your hindmost averment.  Your hindmost averment should exhibit the question doom and should not accept new ideas not mellow in the draft.


Submit your draft when you are fast you are totally done.

Your draft should contemplate celebrity relish this:

  • Topic doom (Your suffrage--celebrity environing senior life self-satisfied)
  • Supporting averment 1 (Reason 1)  
    • Useful cite(s)/fact(s) from the legend
  • Supporting averment 2 (Reason 2)
    • Useful cite(s)/fact(s) from the legend
  • Supporting averment 3 (Reason 3)
    • Useful cite(s)/fact(s) from the legend
  • Concluding averment (Rephrased question doom)