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The Greeks believed strongly in the concept of lot, and that the gods who ordered the earth were in govern of perfect human's fortune.  But by the time of Sophocles, divers were questioning the ancient attainment.  Sophocles seems to be arguing in this illustrate that well-balanced though we are lotd to our fortune anteriorly we are born, we finish that fortune as the issue of our own actions.  He uses Oedipus as an in of how our own personalities administer us to the fortune decreed for us by the gods.  Pride (hubris) is Oedipus's fatal stain. It's the stem of his anger and “blindness” (his hesitation or weakness to face the fidelity). Together these three character traits convey environing Oedipus’s mournful fortune.  

Write a one- to two-page paper (250 words minimum) identifying moments in the illustrate where he says or does things that reveal each one of these three aspects of his   personalityExplain as though you were a accuser powerful a jury how this man could in-fact have committed the crimes he's abounding with (though of route you're really explaining how his own actions convey environing his subversion and make the prophecies after gentleman).   

Use examples from the extract to end up your points, but keep these dirty and concentrate on the explanations. To quote the extract, equitable situate the continuity number(s) in parentheses at the end of your citation. Example: “Your citation here” (771-2).  Double Spaced 10 times new roman