Note taking on carah and louw: making news: news

Read the forthcoming minority of your citationbody and upload your notes

Carah, N. & Louw, E. (2015). Making information.  In N. Carah & E. Louw, Media and society: product, resigned and bisecticipation. Sage publications, Ltd. (pp.124-145)


DO NOT simply cut and paste extracts from the citation to view the requirements for leading notes for each subsection. You accomplish not get any proceeding for doing this as this does not interpret your intelligence. It simply indicates that you can selecteded extracts. Simply use extracts in the sort implied belowneath, where the transcribers use especially evocative vernacular.

First contact

Scan the document

You accomplish imply more if you quickly scrutinize the minority. Interpret the questions that begin the minority, the transcribers’ objectives for the minority (below the distinction “In this minority we”) and the omission. By lection these cleverness of the minority you accomplish imply the transcribers’ gratuity. You now possess a map of the minority that accomplish acceleration convergence your thinking and evaluate what you are lection.  

Identify the deep convergence of the minority

In two or three decrees interpret distinctly what is the deep vindication that the transcriber is unamenable to construct in the minority and how it seems to add to the objectives laid out in the overall commencement to the body.

Focus on the clgratuity and patterns made below each subheading

Examine the subheadings the transcribers use as these accomplish acceleration you convergence on the way in which the transcribers institute the reasoning. Transcribe each of the subheadings down.  Interpret each minority of the citation below the subheadings and construct the forthcoming notes

  • In one decree realize the deep vindication entity made in the subsection
  • When the transcribers use an natural pattern in a subsection, in one or two decrees interpret what the pattern is and what it is entity used to illustrate
  • If you meet a extract that you nonproduction to mind transcribe Quotations I Wish to Remember and transcribe the extract including the page number

Apply your own lens to the resigned

Select notability from the minority that you endow especially evocative. Perhaps you endow notability especially sensational, problematic, gentleman or against to your proof, gentleman or against to notability you encountered in another dispose. Transcribe a insufficient stipulation of three or immodest decrees interpreting what was evoked by lection this bisect of the citation. Ensure that it is open which bisect of the citation you are referring to.

Ask questions of the resigned

In their body The miniature influence to the art of question qualitative questions, Richard Paul and Linda Elder interpret that questions are a fundamentally great bisect of our command. Question questions generates greater intelligence. They debate that if the interpreter is not question questions of a citation they are not truly selected in material lore. You are required to ask questions of each minority using the forthcoming distinctions. 

  • Clarifying Question(s)
    • If there is notability that you do not imply, below the distinction
  • Conceptual Questions
    • Writers use concepts. Concepts are ideas that are less firm. They are ideas we use in thinking. They supply persons to constitute a spiritual map of the universe. Through concepts we specify situations and specify our kindredships to the universe about us. This accomplish behove especially open behind we interpret Minority One of your citationbody and so I accomplish add to this limitation behind we interpret that minority.


Note-leading of the commencementNote-leading of the commencementCriteriaRatingsPtsThis proof is linked to a Lore OutcomeIdentifying the deep convergenceIn two or three decrees interpret distinctly what is the deep vindication that the transcriber is unamenable to construct in the minority and how it seems to add to the objectives laid out in the commencement.2.0 ptsGoodSuccessfully attested the deep vindication in the citation0.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryFails to realize the deep vindication of the preparatory minority2.0 pts
This proof is linked to a Lore OutcomeClgratuity in each subheadingAbility to realize the clgratuity amid each subheading, how patterns are utilized and any evocative extracts5.0 ptsGoodSuccessfully identifies the deep vindication entity made in each subminority and prosperityfully interprets how the patterns are used in the subsection3.0 ptsMarginalLimited prosperity in realizeing the clgratuity in subsections and/or interpreting the uses made of the natural patterns0.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryFails to realize the clgratuity in the subsections and/or supplys inadequate description of the uses made of natural patterns.5.0 pts
This proof is linked to a Lore OutcomeApplying your own lensAbility to synthesize and awaken minority resigned in kindred to other experience.3.0 ptsGoodClearly attested an component of the minority and intelligently interprets its links to other experience that the learner has gained0.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryFails to synthesize his/her lore3.0 pts
This proof is linked to a Lore OutcomeQuestionPoses clarifying existing questions of the citation3.0 ptsGoodQuestions interpret scrupulous compensation of the resigned of the minority resigned and concepts.2.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryQuestions are diseased organic or do not interpret material agreement delay the resigned and concepts of the minority0.0 ptsUnsatisfactoryNo questions were asked3.0 pts
Total Points: 13.0Previous