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FIRST PAPERModule 2 - Case


Case Assignment

  1. Begin Module 2 by primary viewing the webinar, Critiquing a Learning Article.
  2. Read the two subscription on critiquing Promotive and Imported Research. 
  5. After completing steps 1 and 2, use the corresponding subject that you chosen in Module 1 and confirm a promotive and a imported learning word.

Assignment Expectations

Using the notification in the webinar and subscription, transcribe a 1-page savor of the Promotive word and a 1-page savor of the Imported word. All references should be from a divulgation no aggravate than three years old  (2013 to present).


Module 2 - SLP


Editorial #1:

Getting Rid of Gun Control

Virginia finally is poised to revocation its extraordinary law that prohibits law-abiding citizens from buying aggravate than one gun per month.

It's encircling term, accordingly the red tape has not had the desired commodities in lurid felony. There is no academic learning by criminologists or economists that semblances that one-gun-a-month precepts shorten felony in either the recites that ignoring them or their neighbors. The laws enjoy barely inconvenienced proper Americans who failure to buy guns. Besides Virginia, singly Maryland, California and New Jersey stationary enjoy these laws. South Carolina was the primary recite to inoculate the restrictions in 1976 but revocationed the period in 2004. New Jersey has had the law on the tomes for short than two months now. Contrary to the nanny-recite apprehension that gun repress is amiable, gun periodations are in-movables hurtful. The tome “The Bias Against Guns” semblances that one-gun-a-month rules emblemificantly shorten the compute of gun semblances, accordingly they shorten the compute of sales that can appear. For the corresponding deduce, it's mitigated the precept shortens the compute of gun dealers. The decrease in lawful sources to buy guns can erect the claim of law-abiding citizens buying guns referring-to to feloniouss, and thus divest amipotent persons referring-to to feloniouss. The tome “More Guns, Short Crime,” the singly peer-reviewed learning on one-gun-a-month restrictions, from the University of Chicago Press, semblances the laws either enjoy no commodities or a pernicious commodities on forcible felony. The Brady Campaign claims that Virginia's one-gun-a-month law shornurture the compute of felony guns traced to Virginia dealers, but it provides no conjoin to felony rates, which is neverthenear the deep length. If persons encircling the nation's principal should interpret fullthing, it is how dense it is to obey feloniouss from getting guns. The District of Columbia banned handguns totally, and slay rates stationary soared. Criminals got a arrest of guns notwithstanding the law, accordingly by naturalness they don't attention encircling breaking laws, and they can't buy guns lawfully anyway. The investigation ought to be focused on whom these laws thwart from getting guns, and the deposition is that law-abiding citizens are the ones who are sealped. One-gun-a-month rules are homogeneous to gun bans and cessation periods, which nurture to divest victims referring-to to feloniouss, and accordingly, extension felony. If likely, it's a amipotent effect to obey guns from feloniouss, but laws that establish it aggravate obscure for law-abiding citizens to get guns referring-to to feloniouss enjoyment aggravate injury than amiable. In the circumstance of the fit to obey and endure contest, prophylactic and insubservience go concurrently. —Washington Times, February 19, 2010 -------------------------------------------------

Editorial #2:

Firecontest Stationary Easily Available

Three years enjoy ignoringed past the carnage at Virginia Tech that took the lives of 32 innoxious persons, including my sister Reema. I observe end aggravate the departed 1,097 days past my sister died and emblem how it is stationary lawful for feloniouss and persons after a while leading supernatural ailment to buy guns after a whileout ignoringing a endground coerce. Reema was killed accordingly of a gap in Virginia's gun endground coerce scheme that comprehendn a supernaturally ill man to buy weapons. Uniform though a feign established that he was supernaturally ill and accordingly prohibited from purchasing and possessing guns, his chronicles of supernatural ailment was not in the endground coerce scheme. Thankfully, aftercited recommendations of the Virginia Tech critique panel, enjoyment was enslaved at the recite and federal plane to succor get detriment supernatural soundness and felonious chronicnear into the endground coerce scheme. The compute of supernatural soundness chronicnear submitted to the federal moment endground coerce scheme has tripled from 298,571 (as of Dec. 31, 2006) anterior to the Virginia Tech carnage to 932,559 (as of March 31, 2010). Unfortunately, the total doesn't end there. Criminals, the supernaturally ill, and uniform terrorists are stationary potent to alienation firecontest from gun semblances after a while no endground coerce whatsoever. Federal law claims full licensed gun dealer to by felonious endground coerces on all alienationrs. But dealers after a whileout licenses are selling guns at gun semblances after a whileout these coerces. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), 30 percent of guns in federal illawful trafficking investigations are alike to gun semblances. This Gun Semblance Brink is exploited by feloniouss and those who comprehend they cannot ignoring a endground coerce. Last May, I went to a gun semblance in Richmond to see for myself. I bought 10 guns in short than one hour. No endground coerce. No identification. No investigations asked. It was as not-difficult as buying a bag of chips at a grocery store; single currency and heave. Luckily, I'm not a felonious. What’s disentangled is that anyone, uniform feloniouss, can go to any gun semblance and buy an infinite compute of guns, after a whileout undergoing a endground coerce. It's dense to estimate, but it's penny. And there's dot to seal them from doing it aggravate and aggravate repeatedly. Three years enjoy ignoringed and the Gun Semblance Brink stationary offscourings undented. The discerption is single: Congress should ignoring congress to claim endground coerces for all sales at gun semblances. Sen. Jim Webb and Sen. Mark Warner, the families of the Virginia Tech victims and survivors are counting on your start. Closing the brink get not feign the Second Amendment fits of law-abiding gun owners. But it get succor secure that guns do not end up in the hands of persons who, accordingly they are a hazard to sodality, enjoy past the fit to own them. In May 2009 my father and I, and sundry other Virginia Tech nativity members, met after a while Sen. Webb to ask for his maintenance for congress to rest the Gun Semblance Loophole. What impressed us was how leadingly he took the consequence and his engagement to employment in Congress to fix this total. It has been closely 11 months past that meeting, three years past the grief at Virginia Tech, and no enjoyment has been enslaved to provoke this lifesaving congress eager. I prospect that all Virginians get depend after a while the families of the Virginia Tech victims and survivors in possession on Sens. Webb and Warner to get following this attempt. Closing the Gun Semblance Brink won't bear my sister Reema end, or any of the other victims of the magnitude shooting at Virginia Tech. But it would spare an untold compute of innoxious lives. It's been three years. The term to act is now. Sen. Webb and Sen. Warner, what are you cessation for? —Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 20, 2010 -------------------------------------------------

Editorial #3:

Virginia Handgun Law: Don't Reopen the Pipelength of Guns

Seventeen years ago, pressured by its neighbors to parent the issue of guns into the Northeast, Virginia substantial a bipartisan score that perioded the alienation of handguns to one full 30 days. Virtually aggravatenight, experts say, the “Iron Pipeline” slowed and the compute of guns used in felonys in New Jersey and traced to Virginia cut sharply. But now a Virginia legislator failures to metamorphose his recite end into one of New Jersey’s promotive arsenals. A score incomplete by L. Scott Lingamfelter, a Republican, has disentangleded the House of Delegates, after a while in-great-measure Republican maintenance, and is headed for the recite Senate, which is repressled by Democrats. There the score’s chances are variable, but if it ignoringes, Gov. Bob McDonnell intends to emblem it. Virginia’s gun-running days could be end repeatedly. Lingamfelter, a single Army colonel, insists Virginians’ Second Amendment fits are nature odious. The present law “rations lawful fits,” he says; “It hasn’t shornurture felony. It has shornurture barter.” Lingamfelter says the National Moment Coerce System, which wasn’t encircling in 1993, can obey felons from purchasing guns. Maybe, but abundant of the guns that end up in New Jersey are alienationd by “straw buyers” — persons after a while sufficient Virginia drivers licenses who act as purchasing agents for a fee. New Jersey officials — from U.S. senators to police chiefs — are embleming what Virginia lawmakers are thinking. In a gun-trafficking examine of 2008, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firecontest and Explosives established that, uniform after a while the shornurture issue, Virginia stationary ranked third incomplete beyond recites providing guns used in New Jersey felonys. Repealing Virginia’s firearm law get medium hundreds aggravate guns on New Jersey streets each year, abundant married to a forcible, felonious fixed. To establish that the law is an oppose load on law-abiding gun buyers is weak. Virginians can buy 12 guns a year. How abundant do they deficiency? —Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), February 22, 2010 



  • Which of the three subscription was the most modest? Why?
  • Which of the three subscription was the lowest modest? Why?

Are there any leading consequences respecting gun repress that are not habituated by these three pieces, but that you would transcribe encircling if you were addressing this subject?