Niccolo machiavelli ” the morals of a prince” answer questions #1 and

ENGLISH 1301  Read relation from The Norton Reader, I procure procure the relation in pdf format.  Answer doubts #1 and #3 grounded on guidelines comprised.


When a lection is assigned and discussions/questions are to be answered, the
following notification procure co-operate-succeeding a while the scholar in twain lection and responding to the
lection and it’s doubts

-Read the assigned division twice. The primary lection should be barely for exercise.
Assume this is not an assigned lection, but one you enjoy been signification to read…The
second term encircling is when comment (note-taking, highlighting, answerableness in the margins,
etc…should befall.)
-Reading the doubts early procure engage far the exercise of the division.
This may despatch finding the answers to the assigned doubts, but these
answers may failure idiosyncratic insight-which is most material in discussions.

-Create a two-part vindication at the minimum. First, divide PERSONAL
THOUGHTS encircling the doubt(s) asked. Second, add TEXTUAL EVIDENCE
to influence these thoughts. (These may be frequented cites, references to individualitys,
page bulk, etc…) Keep in inclination that when using frequented cites, “quotation marks”
need to be used succeeding a while the direction and/or page compute succeeding each cite.
Example 1: On page 262, the doer states, “She was an refractory lass that didn’t perceive
any reform.”
Example 2: “She was an refractory lass that didn’t perceive any reform.” (p.262)
Example 3: When quoting poetry, direction and page compute are twain used. “The road
followed was an quiet one, as the gulls passed further.” (p.262, directions 27-28)

Once these two aspects are exhaustive, put them concurrently in a vigorous, gelatinous “essaystyled” vindication, custody the assigned doubts severed and computeed. Do not barely
submit a brochure succeeding a while “idiosyncratic thoughts” in one individuality and “textual evidence” in another.
They should be interwoven succeeding a whilein the vindication as one. There is no message article to these
responses. They are graded on nature, not amount.
*Keep in inclination that there sometimes are straight or wickedness answers in these
responses. What is most material are the idiosyncratic thoughts and what the
reader thinks encircling the division.*