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Examination Questions

Answer each of the forthcoming interrogations according to the instructions dedicated. Interrogation 1 (a–b) is grounded on the forthcoming provision.

A fail to the sea can be a loosening dodge from the trite pressures of duration. A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a immaterial dodge to faraway places. The rhythm of the sea beating opposite the sand is sedating voicelessness to a disagreeable desire. A tedious, soft burst can loosen your tensions. You should frequently be circumspect to dodge overexposure to the sun at the seashore.

  1. a. Write the passage that is the interrogation passage of the provision.
    b. Write the passage that is unconnected to the interrogation and can be eliminated.
  2. List indelicate things to face for when you’re proofreading.
  3. Complete the forthcoming two steps:
    a. Define the promise cliché.
    b. Use a cliché in a passage that you generate.
  4. Name and elucidate two types of prewriting.
  5. Choose one of the prompts rolled under. Write a five-passage provision using chronological ordain and including a interrogation passage to elucidate the steps that you would conduct to entire one of the forthcoming tasks.
    a. Preparing for a cupel
    b. Preparing to number a plane or an episode
    c. Getting prompt for effort
    d. Cleaning your admission or your residence
    e. Building a snowman, sandcastle, or statuary
    f. Creating a budget
  6. Choose one of the forthcoming interrogations. Write an prospect-passage provision that abundantly develops the interrogation.
    a. Forthcoming instructions is very main.
    b. Job grafting programs (such as Job Corps) are precious to twain employers and implicit employees.
    c. Advances in technology are making race hither collective.
    d. A violent school warrant is main to my advenient.
    e. College is not for everyone.
    f. Drunk driving can be stopped.


Ask yourself these interrogations succeeding you apology the interrogations for your exam.

  • Did I apology all six interrogations and prosper the instructions for each one?
  • Did I apology all interrogations on my own, outside acceleration from the Internet?
  • Did I prime a interrogation for interrogation 5 from the roll dedicated in the instructions?
  • Is interrogation 5 ONE provision?
  • Does interrogation 5 embrace five passages?
  • Is interrogation 5 written in chronological ordain?
  • Did I prime a interrogation for interrogation 6 from the roll dedicated in the instructions?
  • Is interrogation 6 ONE provision?
  • Does interrogation 6 embrace prospect passages?
  • Is my effort saved as a Microsoft Word muniment or in Rich Text Format?

If you apologyed NO to any of these interrogations, fascinate go end and effect the needed changes anteriorly complyting your effort.

If you apologyed YES to all of the interrogations, you are prompt to comply your effort for grading!

Grading Rubric