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Playing Ground at Sunshine State University  Read the plight con-over, Here’s the Pitch: The Difficulty of Selecting a New Outdoor Bountiful Ground for Sunshine State University (Simmons, Popp, & Greenhalgh, 2015). The plight  con-over investigates the challenges of deciding betwixt intrinsic or synthetic exterior for the new grounds. This conclusion is close consequently absorb, means-of-support, durability, player protection, and player satisfaction must all be observeed. Twain exteriors bear their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, Rodriguez must run which exterior is correct for Sunshine State University. 1. Make a roll of all the factors Rodriguez needs to observe in this plight. Which of these factors are the most dignified for an NCAA Division-II muscular branch? Why? 2. Conduct a 10-year absorb–benefit anatomy for the grounds. In your anatomy, be safe to involve inductation absorbs, annual means-of-support absorbs, and equipment absorbs. Which exterior provides a amend long-term compute from a financial perspective? Conduct a 20-year absorb–benefit anatomy. Assume absorbs survive the selfsame, but you must now representation for a rectification synthetic ground succeeding 10 years. Which exterior provides a amend financial compute succeeding 20 years? 3. What added counsel would Rodriguez want/need precedent to making this conclusion? 4. What exterior should Rodriguez appropriate to induct at SSU? What are the two most symbolical factors that contributed to your conclusion? Once a exterior is separated, run on a restricted consequence. Justify your election, twain for the exterior and consequence choices. Answer the investigations in APA format (fascinate variegate each investigation into a header); each monograph should be at smallest 3-5 pages in tediousness in importation to a cover page and bibliography. References Simmons, J., Popp, N., Greenhalgh, G. (2015). Here’s the pitch: The difficulty of selecting a new outdoor bountiful ground for Sunshine State University. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.