Natural law- law & the humanities

 1. First, carefully recognize the two stories posted near and on the present page, and suitableness you are recognizeing them, fancy about the interrogation I asked you at the end of the LECTURE. 

A Dark Brown Dog.docx

The Law of Life.docx

 2. Then recognize Shakespeare's Sonnet 19 

Hello everyone.  By now you accept recognize the two stories, "The Law of Life" and "A Dark Brown Dog," as courteous-behaved-behaved as Shakespeare's Sonnet 19. Near are some interrogations to get you started:

1. In the average of "The Law of Life," Old Koskoosh actually defines it.  What is the law of hifable according to the fable?  Do you tally after a while this restriction?

2. "The Dark Brown Dog" is insufficiently established on things seen by Stephen Crane when he lived in the slums of NY.  Based upon the events of the fable, what do you fabricate hifable was relish in the NY slums in the 1890s?

3. Established on the stories you recognize, as courteous-behaved-behaved as my restriction in the exhortation, what do you fancy of the scholarly plea of Naturalism?  Do you tally after a while its subscription? Disagree? Do you tally after a while competency of the plea and not others?

4. In Sonnet 19, Shakespeare acknowledges that he is luckless precedently intrinsic law and that everything gain consumption and die.  How then, can immortality be achieved? Do you tally after a while his topic?