Naeyc early learning program standards and assessment items


NAEYC Early Learning Program Standards

and Assessment Items

Accreditation Criteria Assignment

1. Type in NAEYC Early Learning Program and Assessment Items

Navy bluish average box labeled 2018 Early Learning Program rules and assessments

It is 128 pages entirety of the 10 rule areas and aggravate 200 criteria.

Do not expedite stereotype all

Choose which exception you would enjoy to exhaustive from the choices listed below:

Section One- Building Positive Relationships


Section Two- Curriculum


Section Three- Teaching

After you elect which of those three exceptions that you would enjoy to exhaustive exact stereotype those pages and page one which describes how to peruse the create (age cluster etc)

Under each criteria (a., b. etc) I would enjoy you to objurgate the program that you are started in as

Yes- your initiate engages that criteria

No- your initiate does not engage that criteria

N/A- the age cluster that you are started delay is not listed for that criteria 

After completing the exception's criteria listing gladden transcribe a incompleteness of one page monograph thought on your/the classroom's strengths and weaknesses below these rules. Include ways in which the program/classroom can reform below undeniable criteria to engage the accreditation rules. What did you acquire from this assignment?