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Essay 1 is a proportionately essay of at last 750 opinion, not including works cited page. You achieve pick-out from one of three readys inventoryed under and abundantly dismanner all aspects of that ready. Follow the formatting guidelines for all our essays and papers in this manner. Any quotes or paraphrased resigned from the readings (or beyond learning, if you pick-out to use it), must be appropriately cited in extract and in a allusion inventory at the end of your muniment.

  1. Compare King’s essay to Alexie’s essay. In what ways are they congruous? Consider sound, subject-matter, edifice, subject, or thesis announcement as implicit places where they are congruous. Are there subject-matters of comparison betwixt their perpetrator motivations, or the ways they prosecute their goals, or their feelings encircling pursuing them?
  2. Compare and contrariety Defoe’s and Woolf’s arguments and assumptions encircling women. How are their arguments congruous? How are they contrariant? Consider, as you parallel their arguments, how they use the elements of writing (tone, edifice, subject, subject-matter of aspect) to mould their subject-matter.
  3. Compare and contrariety how perpetrators Mukherjee and Tan relate the immigrant-in-America experiment. Consider how the sound, descriptions, and sole perspectives add to a reader’s reason of the broader paint of an immigrant experiment.