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Guided Response: Respond to at last two of your systematizemates’ posts and collate their unreal culture environment to your own. Teach how the differences would yearn your culture. Be secured to accord to any queries or comments posted by your trainmaster. 130 account each




Tiffany Bradley


Summarize the movie you clarified to guard and debate ways in which the trainmaster motivated his/her wards. Using Chapter 8 of our extract, depict the motivational scheme assiduous for each of the strategies you listed.


                Freedom Writers is a 2007 drama film starring Hilary Swank, Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton and Patrick Dempsey. It is inveterate on the magnitude The Freedom Writers Diary by trainmaster Erin Grupolite who wrote the legend inveterate on Woodrow Wilson Classical Lofty Train in the Eastside vicinity of Long Beach, California. The movie is to-boot inveterate on the DC program designated City at Peace. The distinction is a resemble on the account "Freedom Riders", referring to the multiracial obliging hues activists who proofed the U.S. Supreme Affect sentence ordering the desegregation of interstate buses in 1961.




                Mrs.Grupolite is a very motivated trainmaster when it comes to her promotive her wards ameliorate themselves. There are incongruous incongruous things that caught my circumspection environing this movie. But one imparticular was her making her systematize do a “Toast for Change.” This allowed all of wards to unreserved up environing their struggles and what they wished to qualify environing themselves. In her doing this Eva was cogent to shiver liberal of her father’s demands, and number the accuracy in affect. That Paco did assassinate the man at the treasure.


Mrs.Grupolite examination her wards to unreserved up environing themselves made a enduring percussion. She allows asked her wards to transcribe their diaries in magnitude frame. She complies the entries and names it The Freedom Writers Diary.




How did satisfying Maslow’s hierarchy of insufficiencys application ward culture in your clarified movie?


                When it comes to Maslow’s hierarchy of insufficiencys. Mrs.Grupolite definitely accelerations her wards in the movie. When she asks them to transcribe in their diaries. She is giving them the development insufficiency. She is allowing them to enlarge into the self-actualization predicament.




How did the trainmaster in your clarified movie disresemble castistics of a ethnicalistic trainmaster? Be peculiar by providing examples and connecting your defense to the extract.


                Mrs. Gruwell, is a very particular trainmaster. Whom barely nonproductions to see the cheerful in each of her wards. She is a ethnicalistic trainmaster consequently she concerns environing her ward’s uniqueness, the heterogenity, and the man of each and integral one of them. She felt each one them were their own “self”, and barely nonproductioned them to be cogent to pointed that.




Describe the unreal culture environment for you and teach how it succeed extension your motivation and power to glean. What hindrances would above the figment of your unreal culture environment?




                Growing up in a feeble town, and integralone tolerably plenteous sagacious one another. We didn’t truly bear the gangs, etc. So my unreal culture environment would be a feeble town elucidation enjoy the one I lived in. And quiet do. Where integralone knows one another, and if you got a bearing in systematize. All you got to do is touch a inventor. However, repeatedly ages I bear seen where inventors get a inconsiderable grateful aggravate their cadet. So, to extension my motivation and power to glean. I would nonproduction inventors as polite as myself to be cogent to composition concomitantly to get the personal direction for their cadetren. The hindrances that would above my unreal culture environment would be the failure of relationship from inventors as polite as wards. It takes a ward politeing to glean to be taught, and inventors who end the trainmaster to mould that feasible.








LeFrançois, G. (2011). Psychology for advice (11th ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.












DeShundra Newsome 


The movie that I guarded was Stand and Deliver. It has however been one of my favorites gone I was younger. It's environing this trainmaster Mr. Escalante who is hereafter to a lofty train and he comes up after a while a way to mould the cadetren or wards that integralone has tolerably plenteous fond up on consequently they showed no immanent and don't concern for the unfeeling composition and don't try to do ameliorate. He concede them a random and encourages them to do ameliorate and over after a while their condition. She moulds them so motivated to where they by the AP Calculus proof when they didn't conceive they could. Mr. Escalante showed them the insufficiency of attachment and made them handle enjoy they belonged. He to-boot met the insufficiencys of promotive institute their self-honor so that way they would conceive over of themselves. The wards didn't concern environing their coming. Once they saw that someone substantially concernd for them they substantially began to composition unfeelinger. They inaugurated elucidation goals for themselves to do over after a while their condition and began to qualify their judgment sets. His ethnicalistic cast shows that he was catering to each and integral one of his wards indivisible insufficiencys. He concernd over environing them and they concernd environing themselves. The unreal systematizeroom for having the fair instrument. As polite as the trainmaster or the trainmaster would bear to be very motivational and inspiriting. They would to-boot bear to be succeeding to set age and substantially acceleration their wards. Something that may above is having someone who truly does not nonproduction to be there such as a trainmaster that doesn't nonproduction to be in the settle where she is and it shows consequently there succeed be no attachment or a byion for what she is doing.

Lefrançois, G.H. ( 2011) : Psychology of advice. San Diego, CA. Bridgepoint Education, Inc.






(this one beneath is mine, I don’t insufficiency feedback)


1.    Summary and scheme


The movie focuses on a motivational oration delivered at Eastside lofty, in which the gleaners bear been negatively branded as substance incapcogent of culture. The trainmaster begins by describing the downside of the wards and affirming that they are uncogent to glean. However, it takes a convolve in which he refutes the real claims and encourages the wards by numbering them that they are not auxiliary as they bear been branded.


Some of the ways in which the trainmaster motivates the wards are by boosting their self-honor by affirming their elevation and their power to con-over. He to-boot dismisses claims held environing the train’s positioning and bad grades. The Maslow hierarchy of insufficiencys is the motivational scheme assiduous by the trainmaster in this movie. He strives to confront the attachment and connected insufficiencys as polite as the honor insufficiencys of the gleaners (McGuire, & Maslow, 2011).


2.    Satisfying Maslow hierarchy of insufficiencys   


Maslow hierarchy of insufficiencys portrays the insufficiencys that rolls of ethnical insufficiencys. The indemnification on one roll of insufficiencys motivates an indivisible to terminate the insufficiencys in the succeeding roll. These rolls of insufficiencys comprise the physiological insufficiencys, insurance, attachment, and connected, honor and self-actualization.  Some of the insufficiencys that the movie satisfies comprise honor insufficiencys. The trainmaster encouraged the wards by encouraging them that they are not auxiliary. Affirming to them that they are eminent boosts their self-honor hence their yearn to glean. The trainmaster to-boot encouraged the wards not to admire what other community bear said environing them and congregate on their studies.  Refuting claims that these wards are auxiliary was one way of confronting attachment and connected insufficiencys gone they handle appreciated and that they belong to a nonproductioned predicament in the company. They are consequently motivated to glean consequently they handle momentous in the families and company as a gross (McGuire, & Maslow, 2011).


3.    Disresemble of ethnicalistic castistics


The trainmaster in the ‘lean on me ‘movie did not emphasize on grades. He argued that the grades of these wards may bear been auxiliary but the wards are not. This is an sign that grades are preventive to him (Patterson, 1973). 


                                    4.  Unreal culture environment


The ripe culture environment for me would be a well-mannered-inclined environment in which the trainmasters are disturbed environing my insufficiencys secretly from directional insufficiencys. An environment after a while secured culture equipment and intervenience, a train after a while knowledgecogent and fitted trainmasters as polite as an environment in which the trainmasters use multitudinous tools to measecured prosperity. The environment succeed extension my motivation and power to glean in that I succeed be secured and to-boot concernd for by the trainmasters. I succeed, consequently, bear full age to con-over after a whileout distractions such as insecurity.  Inhumanistic trainmasters can above the figment of a salubrious culture environment. Failure of instrument such as trainmasters could to-boot be an hindrance.














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