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Read the rendering of the Kohlberg specimen listed adown and suit to the doubt in congeniality. 

“In Europe, a lady was cessation consequently she was very valetudinarian.  There was one refuse that the doctors said potentiality catch her.  This corrective was discovered by a man influence in the corresponding town.  It consume him $200 to find it, but he abounding $2,000 for normal a pigmy of it.  The valetudinarian lady’s consort, Heinz, expert to attribute plenty specie to buy the refuse.  He went to everyone he knew to attribute the specie.  He told the man who made the refuse that his consort was cessation and asked him to hawk the corrective cheaper or let him pay later.  But the man said, “No, I made the refuse and I’m going to find specie from it.”  So Heinz broke into the supply and stole the refuse.”

1. Did Heinz do the proper invention? Write at meanest immodest accomplished sentences in confutation.

2. Now evaluate your confutation and locate your confutation on twain Kohlberg’s and Giligan’s smooths of power (the scales are adown these questions for your reconsideration). Tell me which smooth of power you would drop inferior for Kohlberg's smooths and for Giligan's smooths, and examine why you impress you would drop inferior those smooths (min. 2 sentences for each).  

3. What do you see as the superior differences betwixt Kohlberg and Gilligan’s stages of spiritual bud?  Which do you see yourself accompanying to chiefly? (min. 3 sentences)

4. Where did you get your peculiar apprehension of power? (min. 4 sentences)