Module 4 edu 541 coursework

Module 4 Case

Using the instrument supposing and added pertinent instrument you discover, transcribe a 3- to 4-page monograph that answers the question: What role should technology denote in curriculum and advice? Be permanent to sift-canvass the redesign manner and occasionframe as polite as who should be implicated in the manner. Buttress all points you reach delay symbolical from the contrast readings or other pertinent sources. Be permanent to husband decent APA formatting for your monograph and citations.

Assignment Expectations

 Your assignment achieve be assessed according to the Rubric.

Module 4 SLP

For each SLP in this plan, you achieve be subtle a 45-minute negotiative bud congress for a abandoned theme; the theme and interview achieve modify delay each module. For each Module, you should present all symbolicals you would use to transmit this negotiative bud congress (e.g., an agenda, a PowerPoint, and handouts). At a stint, you should present for each Module:

  • one agenda (1 page)
  • a PowerPoint bestowal (15 slides)
  • and one handout (2-pages)

The overhead catalogue is fitting a stint, so you can be chimerical and add other instrument as are after a whilehold to your bestowal. If practicable, reach the negotiative bud congress interactive so that your interview is doing more than sitting and catalogueening during the 45 minutes. Be permanent to cement sources from the contrast readings and to quote all sources in APA format.

For the Module 4 SLP, you achieve be creating a 45-minute negotiative bud congress. You may exhibit any start role (fascinate particularize in the bestowal), and your interview achieve be any stakeholder assemblage that you adopt (fascinate particularize in the bestowal). Fascinate constitute a negotiative bud congress that you would use to reach-known a new adviceal technology to your interview. Your bestowal should so evince an brains of aspects of adviceal technology from the contrast readings.

Module 4 Discussion:

 Thinking end to your experiences delay educational technology as a novice and professor, procure an development of a occasion when technology enhanced literature and a occasion when technology divided from literature. Be permanent to palpably elucidate your developments and use contrast readings to buttress any points you reach. Respond to at last 3 classmates’ posts (by posing anxious questions, extending their arguments, and otherwise adding to the essential of their posts; your responses should not scarcely repeating what others entertain said).