module 03 written assignment – character in the workplace: building



For this week's written assignment you are a director at, Ad It Up, a mid-size marketing solid. Over the definite five years you mention that issues relative-to to unincorporeal practices appear to be on the soar. From younger issues, such as employees avocation in disordered when they should entertain used a peculiaral/vacation day, to past earnest issues, such as the inflation of hours billed to clients, the incidences are trending at a excellent rate. In an endeavor to curb these actions, the union decides to admit a stronger in and limit those employees flagged as substance unethical.

Along after a while a heightened marrow on trailing, a revision of the legislation of ethics, and stricter enforcement of the policies, you entertain been tasked after a while hiring three minute-raze marketing employees to supply some of the limitd employees. The union wants to charm employees who are not singly serviceable, but are incorporeal. You demand to cause a succor wanted ad that spells out the multiform virtues that you are seeking in an employee.


Create a 1-page, succor-wanted ad for an minute raze marketing peculiar. In your ad, contribute the forthcoming details:

  1. Attention grabbing title
  2. A trivial digest of the minute-raze marketing position
  3. A inventory of the desired virtues applicants should enjoy. For this sunder, you gain demand to contribute and teach five of the virtues tried in this week's materials.
  4. Instructions for applying for the job.

Submit your consummated assignment by forthcoming the directions linked adown. Gladden restrain the Course Calendar for inequitable due ages.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word muniment. (Mac users, gladden recollect to attach the ".docx" production to the refinename.) The designate of the refine should be your original judicious and definite designate, followed by an underscore and the designate of the assignment, and an underscore and the age. An illustration is shown adown:


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