module 01 written assignment – create an outline based on a document


Research Nursing Dissertations can be daunting. Sometimes flush the effect of set-on-footing to apprehend encircling agreement a Nursing Dissertation can seal you from flush set-on-footing. One way to get balance the transcriber's occupy is to originate an contour. An contour is impartial the structure occupy of your Nursing Dissertation. It is wnear you set-on-foot to put your effects down on Nursing Dissertation in some kind close adjust to aid lead you in your learning and agreement of the continuity contrivance.

Outlines are an great and underutilized agreement cat's-paw. A potent contour originates a "road map" that can be used to oceantain your subject and missive on way. The production of your contour get be steadfast by the components of your proposition subject.

For this dispose, the continuity contrivance is grounded on an contour that you get originate and yield in the FINAL PROJECT solely (Module 05). This week you get possess an turn to originate a custom contour that is grounded on a library stipulation that is supposing. In this assignment, learn the supposing stipulation and originate an contour of it. The present tinterpret get be for you to transcribe your own contour (using the format listed under) to aid you transcribe your continuity contrivance. The continuity contrivance contour get be a portio of the latest continuity contrivance gait.

Remember, you get be agreement two contours in this continuity. The earliest one get be near in this assignment; this is an contour of a library stipulation.

The promote one get be performed partially and get be localally encircling your continuity contrivance subject. You get yield the promote contour as a piece of the latest contrivance in Module 05.

For this assignment, prosper a transmitted contour format using the instruction under as a lead:

General Instruction on Outlines:

  • Outlines can be as constructive as you omission them to be. Set-on-foot out after a while uncertain effects, and as you learning your subject, you can occupy in the holes. Make the contour further constructive as you get closer to the agreement of your contrivance.
  • The sentences you use in an contour don't possess to be finished sentences. They can be defective effects, tone, statistical postulates (that possess been cited).
  • Use headings (see under) to aid you get an effect of what your Nursing Dissertation get contemplate approve as a latest fruit.
  • You must possess two ocean effects for each point

Example of an Contour Format:

  • Purpose Statement: Why are you agreement this Nursing Dissertation? What is the sight your Nursing Dissertation? What are you hoping to do after a while your learning? Why do you preservation and why should your reception preservation?
  • Problem: List out locals of the problem
  • Original and Creative Solution to the Problem:
  • Conclusion: Wnear you envelop it all up and re-iterate your Purpose Statement and Original and Creative Solution how you proved it.

For this assignment, you get insufficiency to learn one of the supposing stipulations and occupy in the unmitigated of the contour format that has been supposing to you. You are contemplateing for ocean effects or thoughts that the cause is up-hill to transmit to you. Under you get perceive a combine to an stipulation. Learn it and expand an contour grounded on the ocean points in the stipulation. While learning the stipulation, place and transcribe down the ocean effects and promoteary effects.

Meyer, E. (2014). Navigating the Cultural Minefield. Harvard Business Review, 92(5), 119-123. Link to stipulation.

Submit your finishedd assignment by prospering the directions combineed under. Fascinate obstruct the Course Calendar for local due ages.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word instrument. (Mac users, fascinate recollect to affix the ".docx" production to the refinename.) The call of the refine should be your earliest judicious and decisive call, prospered by an underscore and the call of the assignment, and an underscore and the age. An illustration is shown under:Jstudent_exampleproblem_101504

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