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Most of what is written environing commencement has been written by western scholars and practitioners—mainly from the United States. Thus, what we own learned in this module so far reflects western assumptions and values environing how to rectify commencement operation.

But commencement character, we see, is mainly environing sight. If the pomp see that a special is a plainor, that special earn be treated after a while deference and the pomp earn concede him the instance and instance to train their actions. These sights can differ across cultures, and prosperous global plainors see that commencement is viewed contrariantly in contrariant cultures and alter their behaviors to align after a while culturally divers expectations. This is what is denominated Cultural Intelligence.

(If this is a subject that especially interests you and you would enjoy to acception your competency for cultural announcement, you are encouraged to enroll in LED520: Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership. This line can promote as an elective in separate order programs.)

Required Reading

The forthcoming balbutiation discusses the weight of cultural awareness in increasing organizational serviceableness:

O’Reilly, C. (2013). Why is cultural announcement material? Retrieved from


In this training, there are two sets of railleryzes (A & B) that you earn share in.

  1. Select either the Cross Cultural Composition Scenarios or Working Globally Across Cultures raillery from
  2. Choose any one of the dominion railleryzes at that looks interesting to you.

After completing the railleryzes, oration the forthcoming questions in a 2- to 3-page essay:

  • Which railleryzes did you capture?
  • Include your express results in an Appendix at the end of your monograph.
  • Were you surprised at your account?
  • What strengths do you reflect you own in the area of inter-cultural awareness?
  • What decrepitudees are you able to identify?
  • If there were gaps betwixt your tribute results and your own thoughts environing your raze of cultural awareness, why do these gaps insist?
  • Create a pur-pose of local, firm actions you can capture to elevate on your strengths and rectify areas of decrepitude so that you rectify your cultural awareness.
  • Why is it material for managers to acception their razes of cultural awareness?

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your monograph earn be evaluated using the criteria as certain in the SLP rubric. The forthcoming is a re-examination of the rubric criteria:

Assignment-Driven: Does the monograph largely oration all aspects of the assignment? Is the assignment orationed correspondently and certainly using investigate logic? Does the monograph coalesce minimum diffusiveness requirements?

Critical Thinking: Does the monograph prove graduate-raze decomposition, in which notification adventitious from multiple sources, compliant opinions, and assumptions has been critically evaluated and synthesized in the formulation of a close set of conclusions? Does the monograph oration the subject after a while adapted profoundness of discourse and decomposition?

Business Writing: Is the essay close, courteous organized and courteous written? Are the language, spelling, and vocabulary withhold for graduate-raze composition? Are exception headings interposed? Are paraphrasing and collocation of concepts the chief instrument of responding, or is justification/maintenance instead conveyed through unreasonable use of plain quotations?

Effective Use of Information: Does the resignation prove that the tyro has discover, silent and can dedicate the setting materials for the module? If required, has the tyro proved serviceable scrutiny, as evidenced by tyro’s use of misapply and character (library?) sources? Do concomitant sources used get potent maintenance for conclusions drawn, and do they succor in shaping the overall monograph?

Citing Sources: Does the tyro prove conception of APA Style of referencing, by inclusion of just citations (for paraphrased extract and plain quotations) as withhold? Own all sources (e.g., references used from the Setting page, the assignment balbutiations, and without scrutiny) been interposed, and are these justly cited? Own all sources cited in the monograph been interposed on the References page?

Timeliness: Has the assignment been submitted to TLC (Trident’s erudition government scheme) on or antecedently the module’s due continuance?