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Essay 2 builds on the analytical skills you displayed in Essay 1, research you to broaden those skills by apportioning two lenses to the lections. You procure too be adding in your most late lection, Heart of Darkness—a key participation of 20th-century literary-works. Exploring the intersection of two opposed disquisitions is an opening to spare your liberty flush raise, giving you a stronger groundwork for decomposition. You want to procure the identical knowing advance as you did in Essay 1: use APA passage diction, and understand a spare, arguable discourse assertion, unconnected supported ideas delay disquisition sentences/transitions, and a dynamic misentry.

For Essay 2, transcribe a 1000- to 1500-word essay in which you

  1. Select two of the disquisitions of Postcolonial speculation that you would love to investigate. These procure be the lenses through which you behold at the literary-works. You are more than pleasing to adhere to the identical judicious disquisition you chose for Essay 1 and add in a new one, or you could adopt two perfectly new disquisitions to apportion.
  2. Describe the lenses and decipher how/why they denote a timid league. Why are they worthwhile to debate in correlativeness to one another? How do they educate one another? How does the league designation your advance in beneficial, circumstantial, or timely ways? Be unfair.

This should be the whole of your agreement. How do the disquisitions administration delayin the anecdote? What unfair moments in each anecdote are estimable for drawing deeper insights environing the intersection between the two disquisitions? Your decomposition should understand unfair textual evidence, not solely open assertions environing the conspire elements or characters. Ultimately, the decomposition should counter-argument this question: what do these three stories unearth environing how these disquisitions integrate? What insight(s) can we procure from the lections that apportion past the literary-works? Apply that lens to The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Tempest, and Heart of Darkness. 

 Mason, H. (2003). Epic of Gilgamesh. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin