Liberty university glst 650 exam 1


Liberty University GLST 650 EXAM 1

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·         Room limit: 1 hour

·         24 true/false, multiple-choice, matching, and essay questions

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·         Question 1

3 out of 3 points

Match the subjoined



Selected Match



a  versed significance classification that consists of precedents of traditions, beliefs, values, norms, significances, and symbols that are passed on from one progeny to the contiguous and are shared to varying degrees by interacting members of a beggarlywealth.



a set of scales that upholds the beggarlywealth’s expectations touching “right” and “wrong” precede.



is a promise referring to a refinement that emphasizes the we-personality balance the I-identity.



is a promise used for the concept of ‘touch’ as a mould of nonparole message.



instrument to learn a message  action  from the other peculiar’s cultural shape of intimation.



is a con-over concerned  delay how fellow-creatures in opposed refinements passageure, expone, and learn the room configuration.

·         Question 2

2 out of 2 points

Chi and her friends elect to be deceased for their appointments rather than abruptly promiseinate their dialogue precedently it comes to a intrinsic misentry. Chi and her friends most mitigated appertain to which room-schedule refinement?

·         Question 3

2 out of 2 points

Individualism is a cultural precedent beggarly in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America.

·         Question 4

2 out of 2 points

In singleistic refinements, fellow-creatures manage to emphasize _______ parole mode, and in collectivistic refinements, fellow-creatures manage to emphasize _______ parole mode.

·         Question 5

2 out of 2 points

In perceiving the cosmos-people, Vy manages to fly thinking of actions, objects, and so on in either/or promises. So, she does not depict a peculiar as “young” or “old,” but as “not so pubescent,” “a mean bit old,” and “not so old.” Vy is at-liberty from what peel of a cosmos-peopleview?

·         Question 6

0 out of 2 points

An single who actively pursues new intercultural acquirements to amend her message competencies delay singles from another refinement is at-liberty at which station of the staircase pattern of intercultural message?

·         Question 7

0 out of 2 points

Which of the subjoined suggestions should collectivists do in a engagement delay an singleist?

·         Question 8

2 out of 2 points

Ethnocentrism is a shelter contrivance used to survey our refinement as preferable to other refinements.

·         Question 9

2 out of 2 points

According to the passage, strange diminutive groups own a ______ appearance of groupthink and _______ fictitious problem-solving solutions than congruous diminutive groups.

·         Question 10

2 out of 2 points

____________ refers to our larger calm eight or ways of perceiving the cosmos-nation and how this eight, in depend, affects our thinking and rationalistic precedents.

·         Question 11

0 out of 2 points

An ethnocentric mindset instrument learning a message action from the other peculiar’s cultural shape of intimation.

·         Question 12

2 out of 2 points

In the ethnic–cultural singleity typological pattern, an single who identifies strongly delay ethnic traditions and values but identifies sick delay the dominant refinement’s values is at-liberty from which of the lewd options?

·         Question 13

2 out of 2 points

In U.S. refinement, the peculiaral zone is ______________ in room and is silent for ______________.

·         Question 14

0 out of 2 points

During the post–Civil War era in the United States, synod institutions promoted a cunning whereby merely those who owned plant or were savant could articulation, thereby negating the chances for newly freed slaves to articulation and abiding their pledge. To which assumption or appropinquation to the fruit of injury does this description depict?

·         Question 15

2 out of 2 points

The staircase pattern of intercultural message depicts stations of:

·         Question 16

2 out of 2 points

In ________-conpassage message, the marrow is on how contemplation or significance is open through open parole messages, inasmuch-as in ________-conpassage message the marrow is on how contemplation or significance is best conveyed through the embedded contexts and nonparole channels.

·         Question 17

0 out of 2 points

________ singleity is made up of traditions and ethnic values, inasmuch-as ________ singleity focuses on the deceasedst trends and technological advances.

·         Question 18

2 out of 2 points

Ethnicity is a internal test.

·         Question 19

2 out of 2 points

___________ is the con-over of room among peculiars, substantial apposition, and the secret misgiving we own when fellow-creatures viodeceased our room.

·         Question 20

2 out of 2 points

The religions relativism comcomcomposition states that the role of refinement must be considered an significant rudiment in judging action.

·         Question 21

2 out of 2 points

A peculiar whose philosophy is reflected in statements such as “There should be one evident scale that all fellow-creatures in all refinements go by” operates from what religions composition?

·         Question 22

0 out of 2 points

People’s facial expressions for emotions are easily manifest opposite refinements.

·         Question 23

4 out of 5 points

Using some examples depict that you comprehend the significance of the passage’s use of the concept of  flexible intercultural message.