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PYCL 510 Assignment #1 – College & Race Readiness Counseling Donation and Part Contrivance (FPEC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 1.8, 2.3, 2.5, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 4.7, 5.3, 7.2, 8.2, 8.3; InTASC Standards 2, 4, 6, 7 (partial); FEAP a.1; CAEP 1.g; NOSCA 1-8) (30 points)
Each petitioner achieve introduce on a article of the Curry & Milsom extract (chapters and themes achieve be introduceed by the educationist). These profession nucleus on a multiformity of the NOSCA components (see inventory over). Each petitioner achieve discipline assortmates on the article embodied. In observation to the introduceation, petitioners achieve besides lay-open a Race & College Readiness Counseling Part Contrivance that aligns after a timeliness one of the gradation razes discussed in the article. Deadlines and introduceation times achieve be ordinary by the educationist; grading can be set at the end of this syllabus by revisaling the assignment’s grading rubric. Each introduceer achieve be abandoned one hour to introduce on their theme and part contrivance. The introduceer achieve be expected to use at meanest 10 media in their introduceation. These media can grasp books, life profession, websites, and other media. Media must be cited in APA diction in one of the handouts. Five of the 10 media must be either authoritative extractbooks or life profession. The introduceer must column an electronic vision of their introduceation, the part contrivance, and any observational innate embodieds to the assort argument weighation.

List of Germinative Topics
Grades P-1: Race Exposure
Grades 2 & 3 Race Play & Exploration
Grades 4 & 5: Preparing for the Intermediate Ground Transition
Grades 6 & 7: Race and Self Awareness
Grade 8: Violent Ground Transition Planning
Grade 9: Nucleus on Academic and Work Habits
Grade 10: Race and College Planning
Grade 11: Race and College Preparation
Grade 12: Postsecondary Transitions
The Presentation
1.Email the educationist after a timeliness your top 3 preferences for themes.
2.Thoroughly interpret your assigned article in the extractbook.
3.Research and interpret auxiliary embodieds that rehearse to your theme area. Create safe that you use at meanest 10 media. Five of these media must be from authoritative publications (this can grasp your extractbook, other authoritative books, and authoritative life profession). The other 5 media can be from websites or non-refereed publications.
4.Review the NOSCA Components as they rehearse to your selected gradation raze.
5.Plan and lay-open your introduceation by aftercited the sketch adown:

I.Developmental overview


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II.Relevant race theories
III.Include key elements to weigh for the ground counseling program curriculum (secrete the relevant

NOSCA Components)
IV.Specific ground counseling interventions for this gradation raze

V.Ideas for involvement of parents and sympathy in College & Race Readiness (CCR) counseling curriculum

VI.Ideas to tool the CCR counseling curriculum in a cross-disciplinary shape VII.Examples of postulates ground counselors can use to assess capability of the CCR counseling

curriculum for this gradation raze
VIII.A references inventory (APA Diction demandd)

6.Use a exact introduceation format (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi) and upload a vision of your introduceation to Blackboard’s argument weighation. You achieve besides upload your Part Contrivance and any observational embodieds economized in your introduceation or part contrivance.
The Part Plan

Develop a College & Race Readiness Counseling Part Contrivance consisting of at meanest three orderly assortroom lecture contrivances endd for a peculiar gradation in either physical, intermediate or violent ground raze (P re- K through gradation 12).

To back after a timeliness the Part Plan, economize the extractbooks, embodieds assigned in this sketch, and revisal NOSCA’s Counselor’s Guide for your preferred gradation raze.
•Elementary: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/elementary-guide
•Middle: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/middle-school-guide

•High: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/high-school-guide
When choosing activities and embodieds, create safe they are after a timelinesshold for the gradation raze you chose. The College & Race Readiness Counseling Part Contrivance should grasp goals and objectives that are lay-openmentally after a timelinesshold, peculiar activities that achieve be introduceed in the assortroom, and the pre- and column-tests that achieve be used to measafe the capability of each lecture. This Part Contrivance should grasp at meanest 3 lectures. Use the lecture contrivance format sketchd adown.
The College & Race Readiness Counseling Part Contrivance write-up achieve bear 9 sections:

I. Profile of wards
a. Gradation raze chosen
b. Students’ race lay-openment demands at this gradation raze
c. Questions you would ask teachers to collaborate concerning wards’ demands at this gradation raze d. How part contrivance achieve add to real lore outcomes

II. Rationale for Race Counseling Unit: What is the end and demand for part? III. Part Overview

a. Give paltry overview of part

b. How can you connect this lecture to foregoing advice (either foregoing counseling curriculum or foregoing academic curriculum)?

c. How can you tool this part in a cross-disciplinary shape? Discuss the “best fit” for integrating this part after a timeliness academic advice (e.g. integrating a conference on columnsecondary contrivancening

after a timeliness an economics lecture) (FPEC 8.3; InTASC 7h.k)
IV. Part Goals & Summary of Unita.Summarize part contrivancesb.Outline overall goals of total part V. Peculiar lecture contrivances (narrowness of three lectures)- Each lecture must grasp:

a. Peculiar goals and objectives that are lay-openmentally after a timelinesshold

b. Align each lecture after a timeliness Florida’s Standards (FEAP a.1.a; FPEC 1.2, 1.6; InTASC 4n.k, 5o, 6r.d, 7a.p, 7g.k)

1. See http://www.cpalms.org/Standards/FLStandardSearch.aspx

2. Grasp the Standards method plus the material area and designation of the gauge (e.g. FL Gauge X: LACC.1112.RL.1.1- Language Arts- Key Ideas and Details)

c. Align each lecture after a timeliness at meanest one of ASCA’s mindsets and proceeding (http://schoolcounselor.org/asca/media/asca/home/MindsetsBehaviors.pdf)

d. Align each lecture after a timeliness one of the NOSCA Components for College and Race Readiness Counseling (http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components)

e. Peculiar activities that achieve be introduceed in the assortroom (grasp worksheets, visual aids, etc. as


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needed in the write-up)
f. Listmaterialsneededtoconductthislessonplan.Includeworksheets,websites(detailson

passwords if demanded), books, profession, etc. (FPEC 1.6)
g. Inventory new glossary wards achieve be lore to conquer the content/skills. Explain how wards

achieve devote new glossary in the lectures. (FPEC 8.2; InTASC 4h.p, 4l.k, 4r.d)
h. Each lecture grasps an rough, formative toll to tutor lore. (FEAP a.1.d; FPEC

1.1, 4.1; InTASC 6a.p, 6i.k, 6k.k, 7d.k, 7l.k)
I. Grasp one pre-test/post-test (summative toll) for the Race & College Readiness

Counseling Part Plan.
j. Other than the pre-test/post-test toll postulates, what other postulates achieve you learn to present

whether or not this part contrivance is telling? Weigh outcome/results postulates (see ASCA model- victory, victory-related, or gauges/competency postulates).

VI. Added details environing lecture contrivances
a. Explainhowyousequencedlessonstoensurecoherenceandconsiderationofpriorknowledge.A

diagram or feeling should be graspd to present succession of lectures and alignment of concepts. (FEAP a.1.b; FPEC 1.8; InTASC 2c.p, 7c.p)

b. Explainhowyoudesignedinstructionforstudentstoachievemastery.
A. Grasp a remediation contrivance for wards who are not successful
B. Grasp a declaration concerning how your contrivancening can aid rectify wards’ race

fruit contrivancening in the insufficient expression and desire expression.
c. Describe how you chose a extract and/or other counseling embodieds to aid the FL Standards,

ASCA mindsets/behaviors, and NOSCA components for the wards. Create safe to violentlight that
the embodieds are on the wards’ interpreting raze and violentlight that you discussed the option of

these embodieds after a timeliness other educational authoritatives.
d. Describe how your lectures achieve demand wards to present at meanest four pertinent skills and

competencies as sketchd in the gauges inventoryed adown (FEAP a.1.c; FPEC 1.3; InTASC 7b.p, 7i.k, 7j.k, 7q.d)

A. Refer to the Florida Standards, ASCA mindsets/behaviors, and NOSCA components

B. Provide a matrix and aligns skills and competencies to the lecture objectives (FEAP a.1.f; FPEC 1.3; InTASC 2a.p)

e. DescribehowyouwillaccommodateESOLandESEstudents.Considerlearningstrategies, media, and technological tools. (FPEC 7.2; InTASC 2e.p, 2i.k, 2o.d, 7k.k, 7n.d). Use media

from the Iris website if you demand backance: http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/iris-resource-locator/VII. Plans for tooling this Race Counseling Unit

a.How could you use postulates to evaluate lore outcomes? Weigh postulates from the pretest/posttest but besides from other postulates sources.

b.How could you collaborate after a timeliness colleagues to appoint contrivancening and rectify the capability of these lectures? (FEAP a.1.e; FPEC 5.3; InTASC 7d.k, 7e.k, 7f.p, 7m.k, 7o.d)

c.What problems could arise during advice? How could you tellingly dispense after a timeliness these problems?

d.What media would be aidful in the toolation of this contrivance?

e.How can you tool this contrivance in a way to exalt ward employability and lifedesire lore?


a.How has lay-opening this part contrivance increased your understanding of the contrivancening arrangement?
b.How do you contrivance to use this habit to aid you lay-open advenient lecture contrivances?
c.How achieve you encounter the demands of wards equal if they are at contrariant stages of decision-making in

terms of their race lay-openment? (e.g. some of them bear already job shadowed and bear a

Alignment Matrix Format

Lesson/Unit Objective


Assessment Activity


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mentor, timeliness others bear not equal weighed germinative races)
Additional details on completing this assignment can be set in the rubric adown.
A rubric for this assignment can be set at the end of the syllabus. Students must assent-to at meanest a 70% to assent-to a cessation gradation. A ward who scores near than 70% of the gradation on the assignment must thorough an Individual Remediation Contrivance after a timeliness the educationist. Failure to successfully remediate the assignment achieve termination in a F (Fail) gradation in the sketch.
Assignment is due in assort on October 4, 2019