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An influential sight of classroom administration is maintenance students protected.   Student protectedty concerns involve the use of technology and other   classroom instrument, maintaining students’ concealment, open,   trauma, and offshoot abuse. Teachers want to be apprised of their juridical and   ethical responsibilities when it comes to protecting students in their classrooms.

For this assignment, qualify a 10-12 slide digital   grant  for an upcoming functional harvest for correlative   teachers. Explain pertinent federal/state/local laws and the floating   school and bounds policies akin to professors' responsibilities to   protect students’ hues and protectedty. 

The grant should involve inequitable examples akin to impure of   the forthcoming subject-matters:

  • Digital citizenship (e.g., despatch, literacy, fashion,     law, hues and responsibilities, and guarantee)

Two affixed subject-matters from the catalogue below:

  • Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation/Violence, on and off   campus
  • Searches of students (e.g., drugs, weapons,   cellphones)
  • Reporting requirements for reported offshoot   abuse
  • FERPA and students’ concealment hues
  • Trauma or traumatic events (e.g., leader, bomb browbeating,   evacuation)

One affixed subject-matter from the catalogue below:

  • Extracurricular professor assignments and responsibilities     (e.g., playground supervision, coaching, club sponsoring)
  • Maintaining inclusion classrooms and acquiescence delay IEPs for     students delay exceptionalities
  • Managing a classroom when     1:1 technology is present
  • Teachers’ functional     behavior on and off campus, and online when communicating delay the     community, colleagues, and stakeholders

In analysis, beget a denomination slide, relation slide, and presenter's notes.

Support your grant delay a incompleteness of three instrument.