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Leadership Register #2

As was highlighted in your former direction, throughout the MAECEL program, you get invent one headship register in each direction throughout your program.  These register entries are intended to acceleration you built upon what you bear knowing in former directions, and to reach and reach your thinking environing yourwilful as a authoritative and intellectual head in existing childhood education. 

Part 1:  Direction Reflection (1 purpose): For your remedy register, you get prepare by balbutiation the expression, Leadership Styles (Links to an manifest seat.). Respond to each imported topic underneath. Provide an sense after a while sustaining details and examples in your defense to each reminiscent topic.

  1. How do see the impure contrariant headships names shared in the expression align after a while using productally alienate practices when inaugurated after a while young offspring?
  2. What connections do you see shapeshort these headship names and promoting the hale augmentation and product of young offspring?

Part 2: Program/Professional Reflection (2 purposes). Describe someone from your single or authoritative activity that peculiarifies each headship line reflected in the expression (these can be contrariant herd or the wilfulselfsame peculiar), and how they bear categorically impacted your activity. How does this peculiar manifest the headship lines you bear knowing environing so far in this program?  Reflect on which line(s) you warrant yourwilful after a while now, and how each line get raise your ability to be an serviceable head in your ground.  Finally, what is your contemplation for strengthening those lines that government not be as palpable currently?

Suggested Assignment Length: One to three double-spaced pages (not including epithet and regard pages).

Integrative and Critical Thinking Expectations (demonstrated after a whilein the willing of the register):

  • Connections to Experience (.5 purposes):  Meaningfully synthesizes connections shapeshort experiences twain after a whilein and beyond of directionwork to crowd discernment of grounds of examine and to develop own purposes of examination.
  • Reflection and Self-Assessment (.5 purposes): Envisions a forthcoming wilful (and perhaps makes contemplations that construct on elapsed experiences) that bear occurred over multiple and various contexts.

Research and Resource Expectations:

  • Sources are not required for your register assignments.  However, if you deficiency to name instruction, you must name in APA format and apprehend a regard page.

Writing and Formatting Expectations:

  • Professional Reminiscent Words (.25 purposes):  Journals may be written in a short stately, but stationary authoritative words (avoids incidental dialect).  First peculiar words is encouraged.
  • Organization (.25 purposes):  Demonstrates argumentative series of ideas.
  • Syntax and Mechanics (.25  points): Writing displays meticulous conception and construction of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling, phraseology, and punctuation.
  • APA Formatting (.25  points): Papers are formatted uprightly and all sources (if used) are named and regardd in APA name as outlined.