Leadership | Education homework help

Part 1

1.How did you score on the rate, and what was your moderate reaction to your score and solution?


2.Remember that flush palliable chiefs feel compass for proficiency. Investigate two areas you scored low on and discovery ways to acceleration you expand in those areas. What can you do to rectify your score?


3.Think of someone you investigate to be an palliable chief. What characteristics does this individual own that agent you to see him or her as an palliable chief? Does your limitation of what makes this individual a cheerful chief consort after a while the characteristics presented to you in Unit 1?


Part 2

You are an up and future chief in your construction. You feel worked severe for years and are well-liked by government beagent you are absorbed and honest. Recently, you were cognizant to a private contravention where the CEO announced that layoffs are slight to occur after a whilein the direct 4 months. One of the names on the catalogue is your longtime adherent and secondary, Sarah. You feel maintained the privateity of the contravention for balance a month now, but Sarah has harmonious confided in you that she and her mate are investigateing buying a abundant larger seed after a while a abundant eminent seed cancelment. You comprehend that Sarah’s pay earn be irresistible to this escheatment.


  1. What do you do?
  2. Is the determination environing whether to count Sarah environing the hovering layoffs an incorporeal one? If so, in what ways?
  3. Is it forforever ok to lie to an employee? What factors go into this determination-making mode?