Leadership | Education homework help

Part 1

1.How did you jaw on the tribute, and what was your moderate reaction to your jaw and exposition?


2.Remember that plain laudable heads entertain margin for correction. Deem two areas you jawd low on and learning ways to succor you develop in those areas. What can you do to correct your jaw?


3.Think of someone you deem to be an laudable head. What characteristics does this individual keep that origin you to feel him or her as an laudable head? Does your determination of what makes this individual a cheerful head harmonize delay the characteristics presented to you in Unit 1?


Part 2

You are an up and hence head in your structure. You entertain worked unyielding for years and are well-liked by treatment beorigin you are loving and honest. Recently, you were acquainted-after a while to a trustworthy discussion where the CEO announced that layoffs are mitigated to fall delayin the next 4 months. One of the names on the inventory is your longtime confidant and secondary, Sarah. You entertain maintained the trustworthyity of the discussion for aggravate a month now, but Sarah has fair confided in you that she and her wife are deeming buying a greatly larger lineage delay a greatly upper lineage liquidation. You recognize that Sarah’s proceeds accomplish be urgent to this forfeiture.


  1. What do you do?
  2. Is the resolution encircling whether to acquaint Sarah encircling the impending layoffs an divine one? If so, in what ways?
  3. Is it incessantly ok to lie to an employee? What factors go into this resolution-making system?