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Instructions: Please carefully dissecrete the subjoined assignment details in its whole. There are frequent contents to this detail assignment, and each content is graded. Do Not use your forum drain as your developed resignation. It is expected that you succeed re-examine this drain substantially- not merely from the feedback you take from peers --but besides from your own informed and evolving ideas on the erection and aim of the Toulmin sift-canvassion.

This essay should be among 900 and 1000 vote, beside the required annotated bibliography.

The Toulmin essay succeed succor you action what you bear well-informed so far in this method. First, you succeed prefer a theme of concern. Make trusting that you prefer a theme delay two opposite sides. Then, you need to lore that theme in dispose to designate the theme’s mark, so it can be easily sift-canvassed in 1000 signal essay. For specimen, you may be concerned in knowledge past about commerce issues in the United States. However, that theme is too bulky to secrete in a 1000 signal essay. After loreing peer reviewed tenets that sift-canvass US commerce issues in public, you may dissecrete that the metro plan in the District of Columbia is underfunded and underutilized.  Through your lore, you institute that you could frame a assertion that past funds should be made suited in dispose to upgrade the metro plan, which would emend commerce issues in the District of Columbia. This would frame for a stronger, unfair sift-canvassion.

The subjoined overused and low-stakes topics may not be used in your essay:


gun repress,
capital fare,
gay nuptials,
gays in the soldierlike,
mandatory offal testing,
childhood fleshiness,
women in the encounter,
underage drinking/smoking (including changing the poverty age),

dangers of smoking (including e-cigarettes and synthetic marijuana),

salaries for propaganda athletes,



animal testing,

breast-feeding versus bottle-feeding,
and the cognizance of marijuana. 

This essay must embody a poverty of five sources.  Three should be peer-reviewed sources, preferably from the APUS databases. From the library grateful page, click on Advanced Search at the groundwork of the page and then repress the "peer reviewed" sources box depurate.