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Text can add another flake to the intimation developed in an picture. Text can revive the intimation, can add to the intimation, or can employment in obstacle to the intimation.



Question 2

Not all of an picture’s signification is developed unconditioned. Sometimes, the signification is implied or lurking under the main intimation. What order best describes the jesuitical signification subsequently the intimation?

a. content

b. composition

c. subtext

d. cultural composition

Question 3

A theme-matter phrase...

a. announces the theme-matter of an essay

b. serves to rendezvous the purposes among a paragraph

c. should regularly after at the end of a paragraph

d. none of the above

Question 4

Paragraphs are used to..

a. move the essay forward

b. shift the reader's study from one purpose to the next

c. introduce deposition to stay the disquisition

d. develop an purpose using grounds and examples

e. All of the above

Question 5

How do writers acceleration readers see the fitnessship betwixt paragraphs?

a. By using multiple disquisition statements

b. With staying deposition

c. Transitional phrases

d. Use of favored register English

Question 6

Choose the best determination for “cultural composition” as the term relates to pictures.

a. The way our amelioration inundates the universe delay pictures

b. The rendezvous on composition instead of amelioration

c. The use of cultural icons to hawk products in advertisements

d. The way our cultural beliefs and values favor our agreement of and reaction to pictures


Match each of the provisions to its after a whilehold determination.

- A. B. C. D. 


- A. B. C. D. 


- A. B. C. D. 


- A. B. C. D. 



the ordainment of items in the picture, delay some items in the foreground and some in the background


the positioning of the artist or photographer in fitness to the theme of an picture


the themes or objects of an picture


the disunite of the theme the photographer or artist decides to put in the picture or concession out