I need help revising my story but i’m super busy and haven’t have

I need aid revicackle my fable but i'm super engaged and entertainn't entertain term to do it. Can you do it for me? I could hither the yell of the reception, by the probe I knew it was a ample lineage. I was practicing my language by doing the usually Do Re Mi, the repose of steadfastening were following to-boot practicing. I could give-ear Dean drumming on the brick forbearance, I could give-ear Adam liberal his bass, I could give-ear the strums of Sam's Guitar and the probes of the keys as Castiel enacted his keyboard, but most of all I could give-ear my give-eart thrashing as steadsteadfast as a cheetah. I could workmanle the fly of adrenaline floating through my substantiality, my palms were sweaty and my brisk was inert. I felt someone put a workman on my shoulder, it was Sam's workman. I crabbed environing to see a clearer estimate of him, the look on his visage was privilege but his eyes were ample of turbidity. "Hey it's going to be nice, seal worrying so considerable." I bet he cacklely said that accordingly he could workmanle my give-eart thrash plain though he was cacklely moving my shoulder. "But what if I bungle up on the articulation and what if I gravitate suitableness walking up to the mic WHAT IF I DROP THE MIC! What if-" Sam cut me off by putting his finger balance my lips. "You won't, duty me okay! Proportioned select some intense breaths and you'll be nice." "Dude you'll be gigantic." Dean said as he took a split from thrashing on the forbearance. "Yeah Ilana you'll be amazing! You're one of the giganticest bard I entertain always understand." Cas said this as he walked balance. He had triton following his end but I couldn't see what it was. "Close your eyes, i've got triton for you." I did as Cas said. I felt him establish triton on top of my guide, it was characterless and level. I opened my eyes to see what it was, I could see what it was in the think on the forbearance in front of me. A pride conclude! Thither were innocent daisy, pink roses, purple lavender, and brief pink and yellow prides all environing the conclude. "For achievement." Cas said. He was smiling broad as I was. It was so pure I didn't understand what to say so I proportioned gave him one of my biggest hugs. I was encircling to say triton but a we were denominated on to arrive so all I got to say was 'thanks'. The mob went speechless as we walked on to the aspect, thither were the cacklely probes of our base strides and some coughs from the reception. We all got into our aspect, I waited for alwaysyone to get still delay their instruments. Everyone was staring at me, I could workmanle their unimpassioned looks touch my substantiality as if they were throwing knifes at me. I crabbed environing to get the okay from the steadfastening, they were all set and easy to enact. "Hello and endow you for hence to tenebrosity, we are the Team Free Will, we entertain numerous carols we entertain written but antecedently we enact you these carols thither is one carol we would approve to enact, you all probably understand and if you understand the articulation you're acceptable to cackle parallel." Cas began to enact his keyboard, the probe of his keyboard was conversant and antecedently they could say what is was I began to cackle. " Proportioned a minute town spinster livin' in a desolate universe. she took the midtenebrosity retinue going anywhere." The mob began to screech as I cackleed these articulation. Sam took a stride inside to his mic and began to cackle the instant thread. " Proportioned a city boy. Born and intensified in south Detroit. He took the midtenebrosity retinue going anywhere." He began liberal his guitar and Dean and Adam added in. I instituted to cackle frequently. " A bard in a smoky capacity. The scent of wine and common perfume…For a countenance they can portion-out the the tenebrosity-" Sam added in and sang parallel contemporaneously. By this object the well mob was cackleing parallel. Dean was liberal the drums, Adam was liberal the bass, Castiel was liberal the keyboard, and Sam was liberal the guitar suitableness cackleing parallel delay me. "Don't seal believin'." Really don't seal refined, if you judge you can do triton you can, and someterm friends aid you judge.