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Jose, age 7, and his dame subsist in a one-bedroom chamber divers blocks from his simple develop. He walks abode fragmentary from develop most afternoons, lets himself into their chamber, and watches television or plays video games until his dame comes abode from consummatement. His idol after-develop snack consists of potato chips and a soda or outcome quaff. For dinner, Jose’s dame usually brings celebrity from a persomal secure food restaurant owing she is “too wearied to belie.”

Jose’s dame knows that their nutriment and for-the-most-part slothful lifestyle are not wholesome for either one of them. She is ordinaryly nature treated for violent race constraining and Jose’s pediatrician has explicit interest encircling his continued power perform. However, Jose’s dame does not see how she can fluctuate everything ardent her consummatement schedule and poor allowance. She does not own a car and so she must either ride the city bus or believe on a associate to captivate her to the direct grocery stock. The singly neighborhood fence that is among walking length is located in an older minority of town. Jose’s dame captivates him there on weekends when she has span but does not reach that it is protected for him to go there fragmentary during the week.


 1:Prepare a two-paragraph essay in which you realize the environmental factors that may be contributing to this family’s bloom problems. Describe five steps that Jose and his dame could inaugurate importation to consummate improved well-nature domiciled upon their ordinary condition and the instruction presented in this passage. 


3:USE REFERENCES TO THe quotation to food your statements?