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Questions for Medical Alimentation Therapy: A Event Study Approach 5th ed.

Case Study C – Constant Race Ailment (CKD) Treated delay Dialysis

(Case 19 in citation)

Instructions: Answer the scrutinys under. You may print your answers or e-mail them to your educator.

1. Describe the basic physiological functions of the races.

2. Register the ailments/conditions that most frequently direct to constant race ailment (CKD)? Explain the role of diabetes in the product of  CKD.

3. Outline the steps of CKD, including the distinguishing signs and symptoms.

4. From your lection of Mrs. Joaquin’s narrative and corporeal, what signs and symptoms did she keep that correlate delay her constant race ailment?

5. What are the texture options for Step 5 CKD? Explain the differences betwixt hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

6. Explain the reasons for the forthcoming components of Mrs. Joaquin’s medical alimentation therapy:


Nutrition Therapy



35   kcal/kg


1.2   g protein/kg


2   g K


1   g phosphorus


2   g Na


1000   mL running + urine output

7. Consider and expound Mrs. Joaquin’s BMI. How does edema like your expoundation?

8. What is edema-free importance? Consider Mrs. Joaquin’s edema-free importance.

9. What are the air requirements for CKD?

10. Which of Mrs. Joaquin’s symptoms would you anticipate to commence to ameliorate when she starts dialysis?

11. Consider what Mrs. Joaquin’s air needs conciliate be once she commences hemodialysis.

12. What are the differences in protein requirements natant steps 1 and 2 CKD, step 3 and 4 CKD, hemodialysis, and peritoneal dialysis endurings? What is the rationale for these differences?

13. Mrs. Joaquin has a PO4 exclusion. Why? What foods keep the first levels of phosphorus?

14. Mrs. Joaquin tells you that one of her friends can drain barely established amounts of liquids and wants to understand if that is the event for her. What foods are considered to be runnings? What running exclusion is generally recommended for someone on hemodialysis? Is there a banner guideline for culmination running construct betwixt dialysis visits? If a enduring must thrive a running exclusion, what can be produced to aid contract his or her thirst?

15. Why is it recommended for endurings to keep at last 50% of their protein from sources that keep elevated biological compute?

16. A. Based on Mrs. Joaquin's air needs, consider her carbohydrate, protein, and fat needs, Using the Renal Extransmute register, cunning a 1-day victuals that meets her air needs and complies delay her victuals mandate (see scrutiny 6)

B. Using Mrs. Joaquin’s normal intake and the prescribed victuals, transcribe a illustration menu. Justify your transmutes; why did you constitute the transmute to concede delay her alimentation custom.


Diet PTA

Sample Menu


Breakfast: Cold cereal (¾ c unsweetened)


Bread (2 slices) or fried potatoes (1 med potato)


1 fried egg (occasionally)


Lunch: Bologna sandwich (2 slices unblemished   bread, 2 slices bologna, mustard)


Potato chips (1 oz)


1 can Coke


Dinner: Chopped meat (3 oz beef)


Fried potatoes (1 ½ medium)


HS Snack: Crackers (6 saltines) and peanut butter (2   tbsp)


17. What media and counseling techniques would you use to advise Mrs. Joaquin encircling her victuals?

18. Register the alimentation-related soundness problems that keep been verified in the Pima Indians through epidemiological basis. Are the Pima at elevateder lavish for complications of diabetes? Explain. What is meant by the "thrifty gene" assumption?

19. It is infallible that there conciliate be living-souls who experience from a ailment that cannot be cured. How can you use God’s engagement in your effort delay these mob? See 1 Thessalonians 3:1-3