Health behavior final report | Education homework help


Please retort the questions granted for you adown.  Summarize the growth you keep made to end plus your project for the coming.  When restating your appearance, establish unmistakefficacious it is a perfect set up assertion that has your target conduct AND appearance listed.  Do not transcribe a undetermined appearance, it should be inequitable.  For example, if your appearance was to drill 3-4 days a week for a min of 30 min in enjoin to endanger 5 lbs,  establish unmistakefficacious you retort ALL components.

  1. Goal: Re-avow the SMART appearance from your Health Conduct Change form  ( if it was not amend or inequitefficacious in your week 1 assignment, amend it less in this assignment.)
  2. Accomplishment: Describe little the growth you made towards your appearance. Be inequitable. Don’t proportioned point-out that you past pressure; apprehend how abundant pressure you past. If you did not establish any growth, avow that.
  3. Successful Strategies: List at last 3 strategies that you keep institute beneficial to you as you worked towards your appearance.
  4. Obstacles: List either of the following:
    • at last 2 obstacles that you fortunately overcame as you worked towards achieving your appearance and how you conquer them; OR
    • at last 2 obstacles you encountered but were not efficacious to conquer and how you could conquer them in the coming
  5. Maintenance: Describe little what you project to do from now on to either finish your appearance, or adhere-to your fortunate information of the appearance.