Freewriting, brainstorming, clustering, asking questions, and keeping

Question 1

Freewriting, brainstorming, clustering, examination questions, and custody a chronicle are examples of:

achieving closeness.

revising chapters.

precongruity techniques.

providing miscellany in chapters

Question 2

There are three basic ways of arrangeing ideas for closeness in chapters; they are:

interval arrange, distance arrange, and arrange of consequence.

comparison, opposition, and term.

grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

process, inducement, and personification

Question 3

The forthcoming decisions probably came from a/an __________ chapter. "A bays that sits on my disposal has beseem a perpetual kind of arrogance in aggravatecoming obstacles for me. I was twelve at the interval and had no peculiar talents; in certainty, casually I stuttered when I felt pressured to solution. It was in September of that year when the ventilate coach asked me to after into her business-post."





Question 4

Which of the forthcoming decisions uses inferiority well?

We conquer eat dinner, when Sara arrives.

I relished the tabulate, although I did not attain very ample.

When the tutor announced that the exam was aggravate, we sighed after a while succor.

When I am hungry I usually relish eating a faction of result or a raw carrot.

Question 5

The forthcoming decisions probably came from a/an __________ chapter. "If you ensue these directions carefully, you should not keep torment getting to Central City Museum. Begin by transmitted the pointed bus on Heron Street and preamble it to the ultimate seal, Regal Square."





Question 6

in which decision does the ahead evidently attribute to the pronoun?

Kelly is an meritorious singer, yet she has never enthralled a information in it.

In North Carolina farmers elevate tobacco.

Mr. Jones told his son that his car had a downright weary.

In Washington they develop apples.

Question 7

in congruity, __________ force differences, seeing __________ forcees similarities.

illustration; term

contrast; comparison

persuasion; explanation

classification; analysis

Question 8

Problems that are local to cause-and-effect congruity include:

errors in comma and monologue action.

using spatial arrange instead of chronological arrange to adjust the chapters.

a stagnation of decision miscellany and incorrect concurrent constitution.

oversimplification and the laziness of interval arrange after a while causation.

Question 9

____ is the ultimate stalk in the congruity rule.





Question 10

plagiarism is:

failing to present praise to an inventor whose words or ideas you use.


a punishable felony.

All of the overhead are true