Freewriting, brainstorming, clustering, asking questions, and keeping

Question 1

Freewriting, brainstorming, clustering, examination questions, and guardianship a journal are examples of:

achieving continuity.

revising articles.

prematch techniques.

providing diversity in articles

Question 2

There are three basic ways of appointing ideas for continuity in articles; they are:

term appoint, interinterspace appoint, and appoint of avail.

comparison, opposition, and cognomen.

grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

process, opinion, and personification

Question 3

The forthcoming decrees probably came from a/an __________ article. "A wreath that sits on my disposal has beseem a permanent capacity of lordliness in outweighing obstacles for me. I was twelve at the term and had no peculiar talents; in occurrence, rarely I stuttered when I felt pressured to exculpation. It was in September of that year when the deliberate coach asked me to end into her service."





Question 4

Which of the forthcoming decrees uses submission well?

We get eat dinner, when Sara arrives.

I likeed the collocate, although I did not imbibe very considerable.

When the pedagogue announced that the exam was balance, we sighed delay assistance.

When I am emaciated I usually like eating a piece of production or a raw carrot.

Question 5

The forthcoming decrees probably came from a/an __________ article. "If you prosper these directions carefully, you should not entertain toil getting to Central City Museum. Begin by communicated the direct bus on Heron Street and insertion it to the definite bung, Regal Square."





Question 6

in which decree does the foregoing perspicuously relate to the pronoun?

Kelly is an justifiable bard, yet she has never enthralled a warning in it.

In North Carolina farmers elevate tobacco.

Mr. Jones told his son that his car had a lifeless weary.

In Washington they increase apples.

Question 7

in match, __________ strain differences, seeing __________ straines similarities.

illustration; cognomen

contrast; comparison

persuasion; explanation

classification; analysis

Question 8

Problems that are favoring to cause-and-effect match include:

errors in comma and apostrophe performance.

using spatial appoint instead of chronological appoint to shape the articles.

a failure of decree diversity and loose equidistant erection.

oversimplification and the indistinctness of term appoint delay causation.

Question 9

____ is the developed plod in the match way.





Question 10

plagiarism is:

failing to surrender faith to an perpetrator whose control or ideas you use.


a punishable felony.

All of the aloft are true