Fragments, run-ons, comma splices | English homework help


1-20 its either reform decree, scrap, run-ons, comma splices.


A.      Select the ALL scraps from 1-20 transcribe compute of the scrap, followed by a concludeed decree to reform the scrap.


B.      Select the ALL run-ons and ALL comma splices from 1-20. Transcribe the individual compute, and then reform each one by either separating or reformly connecting the stubborn deal-out.




1.       About an hour following the CEO arrived


2.       Anthony is the new accountant in our station he is not CPA.


3.       Here’s the fidelity, the unlikeness among achieving and not achieving is sight enhancement.


4.       Wal-Mart’s employees must rehearse and exercitation author Sam Walton’s “10-foot administration.”


5.       The “10-foot administration” is explained in otem22, it is amiable counsel for anyone established in hawk sales.


6.       The carpenter is established very difficult, at-last, we dont like she can conclude by one.


7.       While the carpenter is established difficult, we don’t like she can conclude by one.


8.       The carpenter is established difficult, we don’t like she can conclude the job on interval,


9.       Although Macy’s chief efforts at the dry amiables interest in Boston failed miserably.


10.   After obscure his achievement delay six other doomed hawking ventures.


11.   It is the irrepressible who are unyielding, mellowness can be expected barely from the cogent.


12.   Leaders bear unanalogous styles, they all need, nevertheless, to be serviceable in workmanling people


13.   Meeting must receipts according to administrations likewise, interest must be conducted fairly.


14.   Because multifarious inaccurate parley appear.


15.   Stay compose and don’t chide or name-call.


16.   Service can conclude in multifarious forms, for model, it can balance having the just commodities at the just interval.


17.   The promise interest originally balancet the particularize if life assiduous delay everything.


18.   Ms. Scott flew to Spain definite year then she took a Mediterranean cruise.


19.   A distinction of exalted achievers is that they like they are legal for most of what is amiable or not amiable in their lives.-Charles Garfield.


20.   Mrs. Powell, carrying the coffer in one workman and the keys in the other.