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Respond to at definite two of your associates’ posts in at definite one of the forthcoming ways:

Expand upon one of the themes a associate picturesque by sharing affixed notice and/or perspectives on the theme.

Cite and illustrate resources be-mixeded to a associate’s theme–for stance, a blog, a website, or a book–where affixed notice may be obtained.

Ask questions to grace reform acquainted delay your associate.

Leopold Post


My Experience in the  room of direction

 As the Head of develop my role was to visit professors, assessing letters way in classrooms, directing and to control the daily production of the develop, to chair staff meetings,  to support accreditation of the develop, to stir fond conformity and relation among develop and the unity to aid students in letters way, to visit and assess the professors in letters way.

I own compositioned delay three irrelative institutions in a inoculation trade. As a professor in a develop my role was to ad exercises or students, Ad information plans, design of composition and information notes for students, visit outdoor activities of the develop, evaluate the students in letters way

What motivated me to prosecute tardy studies?

The vulgar direction occasion in my kingdom (The Citizen, 2018) motivated me to prosecute my tardy studies abroad, past in-particular in a familiar kingdom love USA. I nonproduction to spread my conception of direction systems specifically in areas of curriculum. In enumeration to that I conquer own hazard to interact delay my associate in issues relating to direction as a healthy.

Three themes of interest

  1. Implementation of adequacy fixed curriculum
  2. Assessment and evaluation of adequacy fixed curriculum
  3. Competence fixed curriculum inlands industrial distribution

Why these three themes

The illiteracy is spreading, the plane of literacy is devolution in Tanzania. Tanzania vulgarly needs skilled information in adjust to direct the vulgar population to ad them for industrial distribution.  The balancehead themes seems to apology the direction occasion in my kingdom and I consider this conquer tend a lot in the room of direction in my kingdom. These themes conquer mould my conception and conquer tend considerable in the agitate of a kingdom inland industrial distribution.

Shauna Post


Current Professional Practice

Although I’ve compositioned delayin the room of forthcoming childhood direction twain as an adviceist and functionary most of my activity, I’ve late the definite dissect of my line focusing on inoculation and educating the adult professors and supervisors delayin the room. What has been easily manifest to me balance the definite decade is that priggish methodologies, time noble for the child/adolescent catechumen, does not oration the needs or concerns of the adult catechumen (Rickes, 2009).  Andragogy, which are the letters methodologies of the adult catechumen, is the main material that I vulgarly desire to weigh since those are the skills and methods that would most advantage me in my vulgar line.

Three Theme I would love to Explore

Andragogy, as these are the skills and methods that would advantage me best in my vulgar line.

Instructional design, as I would love to own the skills to agree inoculation and direction utilizing a difference of methods twain in-person and virtually.

Theories of motivation, in adjust to further improve my power to effectively be-mixed delay my students and employees.