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Your assignment. 

·       PART A:  Ten Glossary utterance.  As you recognize the quotation aloft excellenteded 10 glossary utterance (minimum).  You excellenteded the utterance new to you, or utterance used in a way new to you.  List each term and then a limitation that fits the action of the term.  Look up the limitation in an academic lexicon (such as Oxford or Miriam Webster's New Collegiate, but not Google.)  Then transcribe the limitation IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  Selected as manifold glossary utterance as needed to grow up the capacity of 10.  

·       PART B: Answer the aftercited topics. Do NOT retype the topic.  

1.     Write a pigmy taking for H.G. Wells?  Explain who he was, when and where he lived, and what he did for the earth.  Link (Links to an outer standing.)

2.     Wells says the aftercited ". . . a uniform development of apprehension and a public determine up of men’s ideas encircling the earth in which they lived. . . ."  Explain how this development in apprehension done other areas of civilized idea, relish politics and public idea.

3.     Explain the role denoteed by the "private gentleman" in the agitate and rising of or-laws thinking.

4.     Explain how Comprehension rose once in oldfashioned Greece, and repeatedly greatly later in Europe.

5.     What role did the Universities denote in the or-laws gift?  Explain in your own utterance.

6.     What disgraceful discoveries from the Annals of the Rocks contradicted the annals of scripture?  How did the holy desire recoil to Geology? 

7.     Explain the connections among metallurgy, machinery and diligence. Does this denote that architecture some machines requires emend comprehension?  Does this moderation that emend diligence depends on emend comprehension?  Does this moderation that emend affair depends on comprehension?  Does this moderation that emend affair depends on hazardous thinking?  How so?

8.     Explain how the gift in machinery impacted demeanor on place.

9.     Explain how the demeanor gift influenced the ability to Administer things.

10.  Outline the gift in sea demeanor.

11.  At what accelerate did the fastest counsel ramble from London to Paris in 1800?  And in 1851?  How do you statement for this gift in the accelerate of counsel?

12.  Explain how the Germans differed from the English and French in their adit to these gifts, especially at the Universities.

13.  Explain what veer in technology made civilized stampede finally practicable.

14.  Explain how the veer in esthetic apprehension done husbandry and maintenance product.