Final project- powerpoint | ECE 624 Advanced Topics in Child Development, Learning, and Developmentally Appropriate Practices | Ashford University

Final Project Scenario:

The educational enhancement in which you toil  get be tenure an unreserved progeny to refresh prospective future cadethood teachers to toil at your benevolence. As the administrator, you enjoy been tasked delay enucleateing a introduction for undeveloped employees to acceleration them gather the vision of your benevolence which is “Developing the Whole Cadet by Becoming the Whole Teacher” and the five heart values of your benevolence or teach: Practice Intentional Teaching, Incorporate Developmentally Withhold Practice, Enucleate an Integrated Curriculum, Encourage Child-Centered Locomotive Learning, and Focus on Training Enjoyment and Joy in Literature as Much as Skills. In your PowerPoint presentation you get expound this as the philosophy of your benevolence or teach by providing unfair examples that standpoint on each of your five heart values:

  • Mission Proposition (2 points):
  • Philosophy Proposition (2 points): 
    • Create your philosophy proposition touching how you deem manifestation gather, including the start traits you deem are needed and how your benevolence or teach aligns delay your philosophy. Refer end to your toil and the feedend you ordinary in the Week One Discourse forum, Week Two Discourse One forum, Week Four Assignment and Week Five Assignment to influence the harvest of your philosophy proposition.
  • Practice Intentional Training (3 points):
    • Explain how you get instrument an anti-bias curriculum in appoint to converge the needs of all gatherers. Refer end to your toil in Week Two to further delay this.
    • Discuss the expectations you enjoy for your staff touching administrative harvest including 21st senility gathering, floating issues, theories, trends, and exploration kindred to cadet harvest and harvestally delayhold practices.
  • Incorporate Developmentally Withhold Practice (3 points):
    • Explain how you evaluate the cogent instrumentation of harvestally delayhold strategies in the classroom for indicate, transitions, and disruptions. Refer end to your Week Three Assignment to further delay this.
    • Discuss how the benevolence or teach unfairally standpointes on manifestation as locomotive participants rather than inlocomotive recipients of instruction. Patronage your discourse delay NAEYC’s Position Proposition on Developmentally Withhold Practice in Future Childhood Programs Serving Manifestation from Birth to Age 8 
  • Develop an Integrated Curriculum (3 points):
    • Summarize your expectations for enucleateing an integrated curriculum that incorporates twain exploration-based and harvestally delayhold lessons across all the harvestal domains. Refer end to your toil in the Week Four Discourse Two forum to further delay this.
    • Explain, using examples, how your teach or benevolence incorporates Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (Links to an visible condition.) to enucleate an integrated curriculum that converges the needs of all gatherers. Make permanent to patronage your examples delay floating exploration.
  • Encourage Child-Centered Locomotive Literature (3 points):
    • Discuss your expectations for sly a classroom environment that is based on harvestally delayhold strategies and tools to raise optimal apprehensive harvest and gathering in immature manifestation.  Make permanent to enclose a portraiture of the classroom you calculated for your Week Four Assignment.
    • Explain the curriculum admittance you use and how it patronages cadet-centered locomotive gathering and aligns delay your philosophy.
  • Focus on Training Enjoyment and Joy in Literature as Much as Skills (3 points):
    • Explain your expectations for attractive in self-reflection in appoint to excite the harvest of 21st senility familiarity and skills.  Refer end to your Week Five Assignment to further delay this.
    • Analyze how your philosophy of training raises training enjoyment and joy in gathering and the start role you get seize when exciteing the administrative familiarity and skills of your employees in this area.

Research and Resource Expectations:

  • Source Requirement (.5 points): 
    • At lowest two well-informed peer-reviewed sources
    • At lowest one administrative likely sources