Extra credit- writing a research paper

Yates, Emily 

EXTRA CREDIT Despatches a Elaboration Paper

COURSE NAME McAfee CGS 1000 Fall 2019 | Exception 27479START DATE07/31/1912:00 AMUS/EasternDUE DATE11/30/1911:30 PMUS/EasternEND DATE11/30/1911:30 PMUS/Eastern

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In this device, you gain alter a elaboration tract. You gain add and format passage and format the muniment using subjects and stipulation formatting. You gain use the Find and Replace direct to emend untruths in the muniment. You gain add and format a consultation, as polite as incorporate, resize, and agitate an representation. A consultation of solution established on the epithets in the muniment gain be ascititious to the fount of the muniment. You gain incorporate a footnote. Adding passages is an material distribute of despatches a elaboration tract. You gain add a passage using an existing fount, add a new fount, and invent bibliography for the tract. Finally, you gain inhibit the elaboration tract for spelling and language untruths and establish the tract has the emend reckon of suffrage for the assignment. 

Skills needed to thorough this device: 

  • Accept and repudiate substitutes in a muniment
  • Turn off Track Changes
  • Enter passage
  • Apply muniment subjects
  • Apply mode sets
  • Select passage
  • Use alert modes
  • Use tone formatting (undercord and adventurous)
  • Change fonts
  • Change font bignesss
  • Change stipulation alignment
  • Change cord spacing
  • Find passage
  • Resituate passage
  • Use AutoCorrect
  • Create a reckoned roll
  • Create a bulleted roll
  • Use the Thesaurus
  • Creating a consultation
  • Enter passage in a consultation
  • Apply a Alert Mode to a consultation
  • Cut and paste a stipulation of passage
  • Add an icon
  • Add Alt passage to a picture
  • Rebigness a picture
  • Change the layout for a picture
  • Move a picture
  • Change the rasp properties
  • Add a header
  • Add an habitual limit genus
  • Display a incongruous header on the primary page of the muniment 
  • Insert page reckons
  • Insert a consultation of solution
  • Reveal formatting marks
  • Insert a footnote
  • Add passages to a muniment
  • Select a allusion mode
  • Insert a page breaks
  • Creating a bibliography
  • Accept and repudiate substitutes in a muniment
  • Check for spelling untruths
  • Check for language untruths
  • Use message reckon to establish the reckon of suffrage in a muniment 
  1. Open the set-on-foot rasp WD2019-Capstone-Level3 muniment. If the muniment opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing nonentity in the Message Bar at the top of the muniment so you can alter it. 
  2. The rasp gain be renamed habitualally to grasp your spectry. Substitute the device rasp spectry if directed to do so by your educationist, and catch it. 
  3. Reexamination the muniment from the fount and beget the subjoined substitutes: 
    1. Accept the deletion of Antisocial Personality Disorder and sanction the incorporateion of ASPD
    2. Accept the incorporateion of the S
    3. Reject the deletion of the & and repudiate the incorporateion of the message AND
    4. Turn off Track Changes.IMPORTANT: Be unmistakable that you possess peevish off Track Changes. If the tracked substitutes survive in the muniment, your rasp WILL NOTgrade emendly. 
  4. Place the cursor at the fount of the muniment. 
    1. Type Antisocial Personality Disprescribe (ASPD) and crush Enter. 
    2. Type Introduction and crush Enter. 
  5. Apply the Retrospect subject to the muniment. 
  6. Apply the Basic (Simple) mode set to the muniment. 
  7. Select Antisocial Personality Disprescribe (ASPD) on the primary cord of the muniment and engage the Title mode to the passage. 
  8. Select Introduction on the relieve cord of the muniment and engage the Heading 1 mode to the passage. 
  9. Apply the Heading 1 mode to each of the deep epithets in the muniment: 
    • Psychopathy & Sociopathy
    • Subtypes
    • Differences
    • Etiology
    • Gender Gap
    • Hypothetical Conceptualization
    • Conclusion
  10. Apply the Heading 2 mode to subjoined subheading: 
    • Psychodynamic
    • Cognitive-Behavioral
    • Biological Theories
  11. In the disgustingth stipulation of the muniment, lowerneathneathcord the passage three other criteria
  12. Navigate to the Subtypes exception of the muniment. You gain be engageing bold formatting to each of the subtypes rolled. Be unmistakable not to adventurous the subvert subjoined each message. When you are executed, you gain possess adventuroused five suffrage. 
    1. Select Coveteus at the fount of the relieve stipulation lowerneathneathneath Subtypes and adventurous the message. 
    2. Apply adventurous formatting to Nomadic at the fount of the third stipulation. 
    3. Apply adventurous formatting to Malevolent at the fount of the disgustingth stipulation. 
    4. Apply adventurous formatting to Risk-taking at the fount of the fifth stipulation. 
    5. Apply adventurous formatting to Reputation-defending at the fount of the sixth stipulation. 
  13. Navigate to the fount of the muniment and choice the inscription. Substitute the font to Calibri and the font bigness to 26 pt. 
  14. Center-align the inscription of the muniment. 
  15. Press Ctrl + A to choice the whole muniment. Substitute the cord spacing in the muniment to 1.15 spacing. 
  16. Use the Find direct to highlight all instances of APD in the muniment. 
  17. Use the Replace direct to restore all instances of APD behind a while ASPD. You gain possess disgusting restorements when you are executed. 
  18. Open the AutoCorrect dialog and invent a new opening that gain restore APD behind a while ASPD when the inemend acronym is imaged. 
  19. Navigate to the primary stipulation in the muniment. Behind Antisocial Personality Disorder in the primary doom, image a interval followed by (APD) to see Message emend the chance. Be unmistakable to image the passage anteriorly the comma. 
  20. In the Introduction exception, choice the three stipulations lowerneathneathneath the passage In prescribe to fit for the diagnosis three other criteria must be met:. Engage the 1), 2), 3) reckoned roll mode to the passage. 
  21. Navigate to the Subtypes exception of the muniment. Choice the five stipulations rolling the subtypes. Engage open foe bullet mode to the passage. 
  22. Find the message mostly in the primary stipulation of the muniment. Use the Thesaurus to restore the message behind a while frequently
  23. Find the message difficult in the primary stipulation lowerneathneathneath the Etiology exception. Use the Thesaurus to restore the message behind a while problematic
  24. Place the cursor in the broad cord over the Etiology epithet. Incorporate a consultation behind a while three rows and three columns.
  25. Enter the subjoined passage in the consultation:
    AntisocialNarcissisticHistrionicShortage of remorseShortage of empathyExhibits alertly substitute and slender countenance of feeling DishonestExploits others 
  26. Filter the Table Styles gallery to illusion Alert Styles behind a while Header Row merely. Engage the Grid Consultation 1 Light - Accent 4 Alert Mode to the consultation. It is the fifth mode in the Grid exception of the gallery. 
  27. Navigate to the Cognitive-Behavioral exception of the muniment. Choice the relieve stipulation lowerneathneathneath Cognitive-Behavioral. Cut the stipulation. Situate the cursor at the fount of the primary stipulation in the exception. Crush Enter and paste the cut stipulation. If inevitable, delete any extra broad cords in the Cognitive-Behavioral exception. 
  28. Place the cursor at the fount of the primary stipulation lowerneathneathneath Biological Theories. Incorporate the icon of the brain in a head. It is the relieve liberty in the Medical sort. 
  29. Apply the Colored Fill – Accent 6, No Outline alert mode to the icon. 
  30. Add the alt passage Illustration of brain in a head to the icon. 
  31. Change the icon so the width and exaltation are 1.5 inches
  32. Change the layout libertys for the icon to use the Square wrapping liberty. 
  33. Move the icon so it answers to the suiconsideration of the primary stipulation lowerneathneathneath Biological Theories. Use the alignment guides to enunmistakable the top of the icon aligns behind a while the top of the primary stipulation and the suiconsideration plane of the icon aligns behind a while the suiconsideration plane of the stipulation. 
  34. Display the Info page in Backstage examination and add Antisocial Personality Disprescribe (ASPD) as the inscription for the muniment. 
  35. Insert a header using the Blank (Three columns) format. Click the primary [Type bar] situateholder on the left and incorporate the Document TitleDocument Property. Delete the intermediate [Type bar] situateholder.
  36. In the header, delete the [Type bar] situateholder at the suiconsideration edge and add an habitual limit genus in its situate using the MM/DD/YYYYformat. Be unmistakable the limit gain uplimit habitualally. 
  37. Add a page reckon to the ground of the page using the Plain Reckon 3 format. 
  38. Change the muniment so the header passage and page reckon do not answer on the primary page, but stagnant answer on all other pages. 
  39. Navigate to the fount of the muniment. Situate the cursor at the end of the inscription (behind (ASPD)). Incorporate a consultation of solution using the Automatic Consultation 1 format. 
  40. Turn on stipulation marks and delete the extra broad cord behind a while the Title format mode. Turn off stipulation marks. 
  41. Place the cursor at the end of the third doom in the relieve stipulation lowerneathneathneath the Psychodynamic epithet (behind the suffrage is in extracture voluntarily.). Incorporate a footnote that reads Persons getting therapy by the prescribe of the pursue method possess inconsiderable rousing to substitute.
  42. Now you gain be adding passages to the elaboration tract. Primary you gain incorporate a passage to a fount that has already been entered. Navigate to the relieve stipulation in the Gender Gap exception. Situate the cursor anteriorly the determination at the end of the terminal doom in the stipulation and crush the intervalbar one age. Incorporate a passage for the Duggan, C., Howard, R., and Khalifa, N., et al. fount. 
  43. Now you gain invent and incorporate a fount yourself. Navigate to the Psychodynamic exception. Situate the cursor anteriorly the determination at the end of the primary doom in the relieve stipulation of the exception (behind largely ineffective). Crush the intervalbar one age. Open the Invent Fount dialog and add the subjoined fount:
    Type of Source: Journal Article
    Author: M. Gibson
    Title: New Therapies: Texture of Psychopathy
    Journal Name: Sociological Journal
    Year: 2019
    Pages: 325-338
  44. Change the allusion mode for the muniment to use the APA mode. 
  45. Navigate to the end of the muniment and situate the cursor at the end of the terminal stipulation. Incorporate a page break
  46. Add a bibliography using the References mode. 
  47. Now you gain inhibit the muniment for spelling and language untruths. Navigate to the fount of the muniment and set-on-foot the Spelling & Grammar inhibiter. IMPORTANT: The subjoined information are established on the default Word Option settings for Proofing. For grading in SIMnet, if the spelling or language untruths are not flagged in your account of Microsoft Message and the information specifies "Change", beget the emendion in the passage of the muniment. If a spelling or language untruth is flagged in your account of Microsoft Message and it is not rolled lowerneathneath, click Ignore Once to agitate to the next untruth.
    Do the subjoined:
    1. Ignore the language untruth base on the message disregard
    2. Change the misspelling of behavoral to behavioral
    3. Ignore the clarity and condensation prompting on the specialty In prescribe to
    4. Change the misspelling diorder to disorder.
    5. Ignore the language untruth on the specialty This separate feels.
    6. Ignore the language untruth on the specialty this separate acts.
    7. Accept the language prompting of changing risk taking to risk-taking
    8. Change the misspelling anatamy to anatomy.
    9. Change the misspelling diparity to disparity.
    10. Change the specialty due to the deed that to because from the roll of promptings for clarity and condensation. 
  48. The elaboration tract needs to be a narrowness of 2500 words. Use theWord Count dialog to establish the tract meets this requirement. 
  49. Save and bar the muniment.
  50. Upload and catch your device rasp. 
  51. Submit device for grading