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Assignment: Thematic Syntopic Essay

Use the overhead with to bearing the assignment for this module.

This assingment aligns after a while Learning Outcomes 1, 4 and 5.

The Thematic Syntopic Essay obtain be installed on two of the scientific works that wards enjoy interpret so far in the round.

The essay should substantiate and examine how two philosophers lay-open a topic introduceed in the assigned topic (The Ship of Theseus), through use of the scientific ideas and topics introduceed in Modules 3, 4 or 5.


Review Metaphysics: Ship of Theseus from Wikipedia.

Read, exploration and meditate environing the Ship of Theseus view drill. Talk environing it after a while your friends. Hash out all the potential scientific topics that are addressed or intensified.

Then, substantiate potential Scientific works that we enjoy interpret this semester that enjoy addressed a topic introduce in the ship of Theseus view drill. Some models susceptibility be: sameness, wilful, objects through time; immortality of soul; criteria for knowledge; character of reality; load system; or others.

Next, create a comparison chart to investigate how each producer lay-opens his/her topics in stay of their appertaining positions in-reference-to the topic in acceptance to the ship of Theseus.

For model, if you pick-out Plato and Parmenides and the topic is what is truly real, then you susceptibility:

  1. Outline topic of Plato on character of reality
  2. Outline topic of Parmenides on character of reality
  3. According to these producers, stir and allot these appertaining approaches to the topic: Which is the penny ship, and why?
  4. Distinguish whether they vary in their interpretations on this consequence abundance to be suggestive to examine in this tractate.

Decide whether you harmonize or not and adduce your acceptance. As previously mentioned, wards can use the chart as a tool; the knowledge then can be used in the essay. (1)


Introduction: In the first condition, substantiate the titles and producers of the separated philosophy essays and settle all scientific conditions you obtain be using. Also, the fispotent condition must prepare a coarse, but respectful, synopsis of the Ship of Theseus view trial, the two essays, and a obviously settled topic declaration.

Body Paragraphs: When comparing and/or contrasting two interests, wards should endeavor for an construction that aids the interpreter found relationships discurrent the knowledge. Two despiccogent ways for comparing and/or contrasting items in an essay are obstruct format and view by view.

Block format allows wards to examine one interest perfectly antecedently examineing the other interest. The subjoined case contour prepares a public overview of the way in which one could frame the essay after a while the obstruct way.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body conditions
    1. Argument: Piece A (obstruct 1)
      1. Evidence component 1
      2. Evidence component 2
      3. Evidence component 3
    2. Argument: Piece B (obstruct 2)
      1. Evidence component 1
      2. Evidence component 2
      3. Evidence component 3
  3. Conclusion

The view-by-view way allows the ward to actuate end and forth betwixt two or three topics being collated and/or contrasted, as in the subjoined case contour.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body conditions
    1. Argument component 1 (view 1)
      1. interest A
      2. interest B
    2. Argument component 2 (view 2)
      1. interest A
      2. interest B
    3. Argument component 3 (view 3)
      1. interest A
      2. interest B
  3. Conclusion

The key to using these constructional ways is to be accordant in the ideas introduceed. For model, after a while the obstruct format, perform potent to examine Topic components 1, 2, and 3 for Philosophy interest A and then Topic components 1, 2, and 3 for Philosophy interest B. In view-by-view format, examine Topic component 1 for twain interests A and B antecedently melting on to component 2. Another grave compensation after a while twain constructional ways is to use altercogent control and phrases to aid the interpreter recognize connections discurrent the ideas.

Choose the constructional way that stays the essay's view. To confer a interpreter a accomplished, overall draw of each interest, use the obstruct format. However, to introduce a reckon of separate views from twain interests for the interpreter to meditate partially, use view by view. Regardless of the tractate's construction, introduce a balanced, concrete decomposition of twain interests.

Conclusion: The closing condition should belong end to the ancient topic posed in-reference-to the Ship of Theseus and the chosen topic for your tractate after a while a lowe?-t phrase addressing your results.

For the writer, the omission is the terminal opening to perform a durcogent percussion in the interpreter's judgment. Keep in judgment that a potent omission resonates after a while the interpreter. Be unmistakcogent that you introduce your own acceptance to this topic and argue after a while a potent summative assert addressing the event that you enjoy addressed and proven your topic. (1)

Format Requirements

  • Write 500–600 control, five-condition minimum
  • Follow exemplar MLA diction format requirements (1)


Submit the assignment close as a Word instrument after a while the improve spectry LastName_FirstName_Essay2. To acquiesce, pick-out the Assignment: Hazardous Decomposition Essay with overhead and use the improve charity characteristic to browse for and upload your accomplishedd instrument. Remember to pick-out Acquiesce to accomplished the yielding.


This assignment is excellence 200 views inland your terminal proceeding and obtain be proceedingd using the Essay Rubric. Please use it as a train inland prosperous tenor of this assignment.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate dexterity in hazardous meditateing
  2. Demonstrate recognizeing of Global Social Responsibility
  3. Recognize the relationships betwixt cultural expressions and their compositions
  4. Understand cultural expressions
  5. Interpret and evaluate cultural artifacts and/or their compositions for significance
  6. Recognize concepts in metaphysics, axiology, and epistemology and the composition of their lay-openment
  7. Comprehend the liberty of philosophic scrutiny and how beliefs are formed and justified specially after a whilein a feature cultural construct
  8. Understand the principles of insubservience, determinism and well-conducted obligation in ethnical interaction

Module Objectives

Upon tenor of this module the ward obtain be cogent to:

  • Define ontology and depict its connected classifications in the truth of ideas
  • Contrast Materialism from Idealism; Settle and collate Monism, Dualism, and Pluralism
  • State the varyence betwixt a ethnical idiosyncratic and a ethnical being
  • Define Atman
  • Distinguish the ego system of the wilful from the load system
  • Explain the judgment/body completion(1)

Readings and Resources

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