Essay part 2 | PHI 210 Critical Thinking | Strayer University

Conflicting Viewpoints Essay – Part II (Pro Concealed Weapons)

Synthesizing and Writing
Due Week 4 and price 100 objects

When looking for notification environing a object posterity, how repeatedly do you try to hinder biases toward your own object of end? This assignment asks you to agree in this countenance of nice thinking.

In Part II of the assignment (due Week 4), you obtain transcribe a disquisition to synthesize your ideas.

 Part II – Writing
Write at three to indecent (3-4) page disquisition in which you:
1. State your situation on the subject-matter you clarified for Assignment 1.1. (Part I determined)

2. Identify (3) three ground (reasons) from the webcondition that help your situation    and elucidate why you clarified these favoring reasons.

3. Elucidate your answers to the “believing” questions environing the three (3) ground counter your situation from the website.

4. Examine at meanest two (2) types of biases that you slight skilled as you evaluated the ground for and oppocondition your situation.   

5. Discuss the effects of your own enculturation or assembly identification that may enjoy influenced your biases.

6. Discuss whether or not your thinking environing the subject-matter has transitional succeeding generous the “Believing Game,” smooth if your situation on the posterity has stayed the similar.

7. Use at meanest three incongruous sources and condition them truly in your disquisition.

The disquisition should prosper guidelines for serene and unembarrassed writing:

  • Include an commendatory provision and ultimate provision.
  • Address deep ideas in association provisions delay a subject-matter passage and helping passages.
  • Adhere to measure rules of English style, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling.

Your assignment must prosper these formatting requirements:

  • This manner requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is incongruous than other Strayer University manners. Please follow a twinkling to reend the SWS documentation for details.

The favoring manner tuition outcomes associated delay this assignment are:

  • Identify the inaccurate fallacies, assumptions, and biases concerned in manipulative appeals and abuses of tongue.
  • Create written labor utilizing the concepts of nice thinking.
  • Use technology and notification media to elaboration posteritys in nice thinking skills and inaccurate logic.