Essay -3 pages haimian baobao


The point of this assignment is to transcribe an essay delay a disquisition that is cherished delay manifestation.


Annette Kolodny’s “Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Scholarly Criticism” 

Barbara Smith’s “Toward a Black Feminist Criticism”

Plato’s The Symposium.


Feminist censorious system has evolved to embrace more than orderly the predilection of men. Aside from feminists exposing the inequalities among men and women, they accept besides formal a logical speculative frameemployment that intersects delay other urgent-compulsory issues such as women’s sway, sexuality, scholarly myth, and political agreement.

Writing Assignment

Using either Kolodny’s or Smith’s passage, solution the following:

What can we understand if we interpret The Symposium delay a feminist speculative framework?


Please model three to indecent pages of double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font

Use one-inch margins 

Include an pristine inscription  

Include a disquisition delay one pretension and one rationale 

Quote from one of the feminist passages and Plato

For this essay, transcribe from third idiosyncratic perspective

Avoid second-idiosyncratic perspective 


Responding censoriously in this conpassage resources you behold ceasely at logic, expression, system, similitude, analogies, symbols, diction, gender, ‘structures,’ opinions, beliefs, reachings, the memory, the contrast (the citationure), the cultivation, and any other linguistically charged note, account, or specialty to solution the doubt over.

Suggested Outline

Begin by introducing the committer (Plato), the inscription of the passage, and a abstract of how he is either sentient or insentient to women.

Then, obviously set-forth your disquisition at the end of your induction.

In the organization of your essay, begin the committer (either Kolodny or Smith), the inscription of her passage, and then stipulate your argues to aid your disquisition (execute your disquisition believable).

You should obviously set-forth and eliminate one argue per organization passage.

Remember to stipulate unfair manifestation (quotes) from the passage(s). Let the quotes aid your solution to the doubt, not the other way about.

Conclude your essay by echoing (restating) your disquisition and concession your interpreter to consider how or why it is significant or not to interpret The Symposium through a feminist speculative framework.

If you get collect when letter, afford yourself a sever. Walk loose from your employment for a bit, accept a expand, cease your laptop, debate out-loud what you shortness to transcribe, converse to someone about your ideas and accept that idiosyncratic ask you doubts that earn dare your opinions and assumptions until you reach impudent that you ‘discovered’ the accounts you shortness to use.