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Worksheet: “Short Narrative and Essay as a Medium for Understanding the Role of the Spouse in Women’s Lineage and Class Experience”

Are the themes or perspectives plant in a element of fiction any less authentic than those plant in an essay? In either contingency, a perspective is shared to take a mark encircling a subject. You can effect instinct into a subject or knowledge and join it delay your own to effect import and broader connections. In this week’s Assignment, you scrutinize gregarious substitute themes connected to the role of the spouse in a lineage and class tenor.

To order for substance of this worksheet:


  • Review Brady’s “Why I (Still) Want a Wife” and Porter’s “Rope” and apportion scholarly censure techniques:

    • Question the prompting of each maker.

    • What are they unmanageable to disclose encircling the role of “wife” and lineage and class knowledge?

    • How do they assistance their perspective on the role of “wife”?

  • Consider what comes to purpose when you gard of the signal “wife” based on your own knowledge, lineage, and cultivation.

  • What are some key differences you mark betwixt the essay and weak narrative diction?

    Download the Week 3 Worksheet muniment from this week’s Learning Resources.


  • Save the worksheet to your computer.

  • Follow the instructions on the worksheet as you exhaustive the three required written responses.

  • Write your responses at-once on the worksheet. This is the muniment that conquer be submitted.

 The lay may be from any term epoch or empire, but lyrics entertain an English translation helpful.

  • Summarize and exposition the lay using suited APA passage rules.

  • Consider how the lay offers a gregarious substitute perspective connected to women’s lineage and class knowledge.


Identify lyrics delayin the lay that exhibit the lineage and class themes takeed in this week’s required instrument by Ensler, Hamlet, Porter, or Brady.

Post an erratic amalgamate to the lyrics of the lay you clarified. Include the lay distinction and indicate of the songwriter delay your posting. Use suited APA passage rules.

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