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Worksheet: “Short Relation and Essay as a Medium for Understanding the Role of the Helpmeet in Women’s Race and Order Experience”

Are the themes or perspectives establish in a lot of fiction any inextensive actual than those establish in an essay? In either circumstance, a perspective is shared to remove a observe environing a theme. You can effect insight into a theme or trial and combine it delay your own to shape significance and broader connections. In this week’s Assignment, you study gregarious fluctuate themes kindred to the role of the helpmeet in a race and order composition.

To just for total of this worksheet:


  • Review Brady’s “Why I (Still) Want a Wife” and Porter’s “Rope” and use scholarly stricture techniques:

    • Question the reason of each committer.

    • What are they reserved to adjoin environing the role of “wife” and race and order trial?

    • How do they patronage their perspective on the role of “wife”?

  • Consider what comes to belief when you conceive of the message “wife” established on your own trial, race, and humanization.

  • What are some key differences you observe among the essay and inextensive relation call?

    Download the Week 3 Worksheet instrument from this week’s Learning Resources.


  • Save the worksheet to your computer.

  • Follow the instructions on the worksheet as you finished the three required written responses.

  • Write your responses quickly on the worksheet. This is the instrument that get be submitted.

 The anthem may be from any occasion duration or state, but lyrics entertain an English translation adapted.

  • Summarize and comment the anthem using suited APA quotation rules.

  • Consider how the anthem offers a gregarious fluctuate perspective kindred to women’s race and order trial.


Identify lyrics delayin the anthem that meditate the race and order themes removeed in this week’s required instrument by Ensler, Hamlet, Porter, or Brady.

Post an free concatenate to the lyrics of the anthem you clarified. Include the anthem heading and call of the songwriter delay your posting. Use suited APA quotation rules.

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