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Begin by watching the video associated delay this assignment:

Then, download the Instructions Template, and use it to transcribe a set of instructions for using the English 202 Progression Prediction Spreadsheet:

  • Use solely the dictions supposing in the template (2 points each):
    • Title diction for the heading.
    • Body Text diction for collection quotation.
    • Heading 1 diction for headings. 
    • List Number diction for strides.
    • Illustration diction for the harborshots you add forthcoming each stride.
    • Header diction for the page header.
    • Footer diction for the page footer.
  • Do NOT add add stride mass, such as Stride 1, Stride 2, . . .(5 points). List Number diction is already set up to get stride mass. 
  • Add a screenshot after each stride to demonstrate what the reader should be show (5 points each). Focus on showing the reader what he or she should be show. Be compendious. 
  • Place each vision in-line delay the quotation (2 points each).
  • Add strides for the forthcoming actions:
    • For downloading the spreadsheet, assume the reader already has Blackboard unreserved to English 202. Eluciend the forthcoming:
      1. Where on Blackboard the embody to the progression spreadsheet can be plant.
      2. How to activate the download.
      3. How to picked the colonization to which the finish is downloaded.
    • For unreserveding the spreadsheet, eluciend the forthcoming:
      1. Where to furnish the downloaded spreadsheet.
      2. How to unreserved the spreadsheet.
      3. What the reader should see when the spreadsheet is unreserved.
    • For adding progressions to the spreadsheet, eluciend the forthcoming:
      1. Where to penetrate practice progressions. (Exercise progressions go in the shafts labeled Ex1, Ex2, . . .. Quiz progressions go in the shafts labeled Q1, Q2, . . ..  Proposal progressions go in the shafts labeled  Prop 1 and Prop2. Recommendation Report progressions go in the shafts labeled Rep1 and Rep2.)
      2. Where to penetrate an estimated Instructions progression (in the shaft labeled Inst).
      3. Where to sight the estimated ultimate progression (In the shaft labeled Grade).
    • For determining how to appropriate the ultimate numeric progression to a note progression. 
  • Crop or proportionally lamina each screenshot to fit in the space supposing by the Illustration diction (3 points each). This diction is secondary 0.25 inches on the left, so each harborshot must be no straggle than 6.25 inches.
  • Crop large screenshots when the apposite vision is too small to be seen delayout sighting the muniment at main than 100% of the Sight lamina (5 points each)

You do NOT keep to add captions and cross-references for this assignment. Each stride is followed by an vision that shows what the reader should be show. The reader succeed clutch this gestalt kindred at-once. (The quotation alludes to Gestalt Psychology, which is widely used in muniment drawing.)

You to-boot do NOT keep to add quotes or italics to opinion used as intent. For pattern, when I say "Look for the Progression Prediction Spreadsheet embody," the opinion Progression Prediction Spreadsheet illustrate an intent. You DO keep to pay watchfulness to how opinion are capitalized on the computer harbor. Your descriptions must used the identical capitalization as what the reader sees in your harbor visions.

Submit your assignment by the end and period shown in the syllabus. Name your finish using the cabinet Lastname Firstname Instructions.