English composition ii- need someone to complete all five parts of

Select one of the carols listed aloft.. Learn it and then thorough the subjoined defense pilot.

Name of the carol:

Point One: Explore the Themes of the Poem

  • Try to class the ideas in the carol.  Is there a narrative that the carol tells?
  • What do you believe the carol is environing?

Point Two: Imagery used to unfair themes

  • What are the pictures in the carol?
  • Are metaphors/similes used to decipher ideas?
  • Are the five senses used to call-out real reactions in the learner?

Point Three: Form and Structure

  • How is the carol organized e.g. lines, verses, layout and mould.
  • Why has the rhymster resolute to construction the ideas in this way e.g. the continuity of ideas, tediousness of lines, patterns etc.?

Point Four: Chime and Rhythm

  • How does the carol chime? E.g. abab or aabb etc.
  • What is the rhythm of the carol when learn clamorously?
  • Why has the rhymster selected this chime and rhythm to unfair these ideas?

Point Five: Language Patterns

  • Think environing the probe of the carol and excellent of signification.
  • The rhymster uses unfair signification consequently they enjoy a real company in the learner's belief. 

You conciliate be assessed on how well-behaved-behaved you thoroughd the assignment listed aloft. This is environing cream a carol aside and getting at the exactness of it. Do orderly that. This assignment is desert 100 points.