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Annotated Bibliography

You earn present an annotated bibliography for 2 of your origins for the week 7 monograph.  Each origin earn accept the set-right quotation initiation for the quotation mode you are using, as polite as an comment, which is made of a condition or two pointed the reader about the origin.  One (1) of the origins should be a peer-reviewed side from a register in the APUS Library.

To acceleration you infer origins, criticism the assignment term for the week 7 dissection monograph.  Pay appropriate watchfulness to the expression added there and the steps for identifying your bearing. Here is the add to the expression: "Looking for Trouble: Finding Your Way into a Adaptation Assignment." This side shows how to transcribe about solving a bearing, using the steps of noticing, articulating, posing questions, and identifying what is at venture.

After you accept attested your bearing, you can rouse choosing your origins and uplift an annotated bibliography.

Here are the steps you earn seize to uplift your annotated bibliography:

  • First, individualize what skin of origin you are using. Is it a size? Register expression? Blog? Using one of the quotation pilots in the APUS Library, confront the standard that matches your origin. Hint: if you are looking at your origin on your computer, you earn go to the condition of electronic origins to rouse looking.
  • Copy that standard and paste it into your bibliography.
  • Then put your origin in the set-right quotation format, subjoined the standard you right copied and pasted.
  • Finally, transcribe a inconsiderable comment of that origin.  The comment should draw the main ideas familiar in the origin as polite as an evaluation by you for the origin's service for your device. The handout immovable under has past counsel about what should be in the comment.

Please be infallible that one (1) of your origins is a peer-reviewed expression from a register in the APUS Library. 

  • Follow the learner copy comprised under. You earn see the standard, the quotation, and then the comment for the origin.  The rubric shown under shows that you earn be graded on having the standard for the quotation format, so don’t learn to embrace it.
  • The kindness "Peer Criticism Defined" has accelerationful counsel from the APUS Library on peer-reviewed origins.
  • The kindness "how to" handout has some accelerationful tips on what to embrace in an comment. 
  • Submit your assignment as a Word instrument immovable to the assignment add so it can be processed on Turnitin.

Sample Annotation.   Each of your entries should ensue the format under.

Sally Student
COLL 300
Annotated Bibliography- MLA

Model from APUS Quotation Pilot (MLA)

PRINT BOOK                     


Author definite call, chief call. Size distinction. City: publisher, year. Medium.

Calkins, Lucy.  Raising Lifelong Learners: A Parent's Guide.  Reading: Addison-Wesley 
        Longman.  1997.  Print.

Lucy Calkins is a distinguished tutor and researcher in balbutiation and adaptation. Her size is a pilot for parents, accelerationing them to fruit after a while their progeny's trains to originate a absolute knowledge environment and a lifelong devotion of knowledge in their progeny.  Topics familiar embrace cherishing knowledge and marvel in mathematics, knowledge, political studies, balbutiation, and adaptation.  Calkins’ fruit to-boot offers direction on train curriculum and testing. By providing local copys of parental involvement, this size earn acceleration aid my assumption that parents scarcity to personate a vigorous role in their progeny's direction.