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put that in impetus I'm considering  MECHANICAL ENGINEERING if you deficiency to apprehend,



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1. What do you contemplate environing Riley's ideas on epistemology? In unconcealed, epistemology is the consider of apprehendledge, but short we balance it in the treatment of the romance and dissemination of apprehendledge in a point area of inquiry: culturally regulative values and beliefs. She argues that distribute of the conclude that engineering ethics lacks a sympathy or an inclusion of feminist ideas is owing of this epistemological children and how the powers that be, the true infrastructure and refinement manage the confabulation by manageling how we can colloquy environing sure childrens. Do you coincide after a while her?


2. Based on the Brauer article: which do you coincide after a while? Which entails the other?



3. Discuss/define sustainability; including theoretically the five metaphors and/or you own.


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