Engaging students with listening, speaking, and writing


Engaging scholars in listening and weighty activities can understand debates, examineions, introduceations, and modest congruity. All of these components are searching to expanding scholars’ enlargement in message skills.

Part 1: Listening, Weighty and Congruity Activities

Use the “Listening, Speaking, and Congruity Activities” template and “Class Profile” to accomplished this assignment.

Using the selfselfsame track raze you clarified for your foregoing precept plans or from your arena experiences, choice a set-forth rule that focuses on listening, congruity, and weighty skills to enunciate three listening, weighty, and congruity activities.

Below are examples of likely activities:

  • Persuasive congruity, discourse congruity, debates, rank examineions, introduceations on topics of scholar concern, modest catalogue, or catalogue campaign

Your culture activities should be divert for scholars specific among the “Class Profile” and understand the following:

  • Strategies that allow scholars to dedicate idiosyncratic opinions internal the sense of texts
  • Various forms of message (verbal, nonverbal, instrument, etc.) techniques to stir elementary scholars’ free question, collaboration, and supportive interaction
  • Accommodations connected to tribute and testing stipulations to encounter distinct needs of scholars

Part 2: Rationale

In 250-500 tone, rationalize your instructional choices expounding why the activities separated are divert for all ”Class Profile” scholars and evidently focuses on creativity and scholar promise. In attention, expound the elements of serviceable weighty. Additionally, examine how oral and nonoral message affects the modest countenance of having scholars advise and/or introduce an conception.

APA format is not required, but hard academic congruity is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric foregoing to start the assignment to beseem accustomed delay the expectations for happy collection.