Eng 122 week 1 – discussion 2 argument, keyword, and thesis statement

Write (due Thursday, Day 3)

In 200 to 300 utterance, distribute your separated inquiry question for this systematize and transcribe a few sentences on each of the following:

  • Share the skin of reasoning you expectation to frame and why.
  • Identify five to ten keyutterance for your library inquiry and elucidate your choices.
  • Write a single-sentence topic declaration for your inquiry tract and assimilate it to the “Thesis Checklist.”
  • Include any areas of laziness or questions you feel for the systematize and/or your instructor

Our textbook authors, Drown & Sole (2013), communicate us a huge argument of formulating topic declarations in Section 4.2. In specification, the AU Writing Center includes a topic generator machine to succor you get started, and I've comprised some succorful tips as polite as a step-by-step topic influence in my instructor direction notes this week. Somehow, though, reasoningative topic declarations (to-boot named “claims”) hold to be sound for numerous transcribers. What other resources feel you root succorful in creating a sound reasoningative topic declaration?

Since I recognize creating an reasoningative topic can be a canvass, I've created a inextensive video to influence you through that process:  Creating Close Topic Statements. It is installed on the University of Southern CA (n.d.) type. 

I HIGHLY suffer you to revisal this video, the Instructor's Direction notes, and the AU Writing Center's topic generator machine for succor creating your own topic this week. 

Use this forum as an convenience to experience your topic and get some feedback.  



Drown, E., & Sole, K. (2013). Writing propaganda inquiry tracts (2nd ed.). San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.  

The University of Southern California. (n.d.) Writing 140: Invention. Retrieved from http://www-scf.usc.edu/~dtomkins/Invention.html